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13th October 2017

M&S suit uses 50% recycled wool

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A new menswear suit containing more than 50 per cent recycled wool has been launched by M&S.

The single-breasted wool blend suit is made with 55 per cent wool which customers have donated in-store through the retailer’s Shwopping clothes recycling scheme with Oxfam.
Customers can choose from five colours including charcoal and navy, with a three-piece option also available.

Wool is woven into the suit fabric at a family-run mill in Italy, where it is then becomes the ‘Shwop’ suit, according to M&S.

David Gandy, M&S ambassador of tailoring, said: “As my new role as ambassador of tailoring at M&S, I’m proud to talk about the fact that 80 per cent of the new tailoring collection will be made with wool.

“My favourite item this season is actually made with recycled wool that uses items donated through our Shwopping initiative.”

The versatile suit, which costs £149, forms part of the M&S Plan A 2025, a sustainability initiative which has seen the company commit to having a quarter of its clothing and home products made using at least 25 per cent recycled materials.

The green scheme has saved more than £750m for the retailer with more than 27 million items of clothing being “shwopped” since 2008.

In addition, M&S hopes to source 100 per cent of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2019. It has joined forces with other corporates and Forum for the Future to set up a new cross-industry initiative, Cotton 2040, aimed at turning sustainable cotton into a mainstream commodity.