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25th August 2017

Two in three men face safety risk at work

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Poor health and safety standards in the workplace are putting almost two thirds of men in danger, recent figures show.

A total of 2,000 employees took part in the research which was carried out by data capture app provider, WorkMobile.

The study forms part of the ‘Work Safe’ report, which looks at the current state of health and safety in the UK and where improvements need to be made to protect workers.

It found that 61 per cent have not received details of their firm’s health and safety policies, despite the majority of men having more hazardous jobs.

54 per cent of male respondents work in a position that exposes them to danger, compared to 19 per cent of women, however only a quarter of men who are more likely to encounter dangers at work and have received safety guidance didn’t feel clear enough about the risks of their role.

And 13 per cent claimed the health and safety information hadn’t been updated since they’ve received it, so could be out-of-date.

Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “From the research, we can see that men tend to work in more dangerous roles than women – which is probably to be expected. What we’d also expect to see is that these men are properly looked after while at work, with businesses putting measures in place to keep them away from harm.

“But this does not seem to be the case. It’s really shocking to see that some businesses are failing to put in place even the most basic health and safety procedures to protect their workers most at risk of injury.

“Companies need to make sure they’re putting the safety and wellbeing of their staff first – it’s their legal responsibility. When staff are not trained on how to work safely, or are not given the correct information to operate compliantly, there is a greater risk of accidents happening – especially in these more hazardous industries.”