​​​Acre is the global leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) recruitment with a track record of over ten years in the market.

What we do:

We help find Community Investment jobs for talented professionals across all areas of investment, distribution, risk and research in banking and finance, and work with influential leaders to help push forward sustainable investment and corporate citizenship agendas.

Acre’s pioneering work in ESG, sustainable finance and impact investing has created the largest global recruitment network and the most comprehensive dataset in the market. We work with a range of financial institutions to source ESG and sustainable investment professionals including banks, asset managers and private equity firms.

What is Community Investment?

Community Investment is a type of socially responsible investment that aims to earn returns for investors while contributing to noble causes in the community; it is an important way to support communities to improve the lives of people, and has the potential to generate significant social and economic outcomes. Community investment refers to direct investments that are made into deprived communities via community development banks, credit unions, loan funds and micro-finance institutions.

Why does Community Investment matter?

​Investing in community enables you to feel part of something greater than simply securing profit. It is a huge value add for any business to be involved in, merging business and charity to benefit the whole community.

Community Investment Jobs:

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