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Data captured during the profiling phase is intuitively displayed on the Acre Frameworks Dashboard, which contains a range of tools that are designed to further your understanding of your team and maximise the return on your investment.

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    Track Development

    ​The Dashboard is an interactive platform that enables you to view and track your team's ongoing development journey online.

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    Industry Benchmarking

    ​The benchmarking feature of the Dashboard allows you to anonymously compare you and your team against the wider profession and a range of industries.

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    Identify Skill Gaps

    The Dashboard enables you to identify existing skill gaps in your team and determine what additional support you will need to close them.

“The Acre Frameworks assessment provided objective data on candidates’ fit for role which gave us the confidence that the successful candidate was both a technical expert and the right person for the job. The data dashboard tool enabled us to benchmark the candidates’ behavioural competencies against data from hundreds of health and safety leaders, further supporting our hiring decision."

- Chris Marsh, Group HR Director, RES

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    Compare Team Members

    & Enable Peer-to-Peer Support

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    Plan for Succession

    & Craft Job Specifications

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    Inform Development Plans

    & Track Progress

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    Understand Strengths

    & Development Needs

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In 2019, we decided to get curious and conducted an extensive qualitative research project involving over 200 hours of consultation with the Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel: a 96-strong community of leaders in the Health and Safety profession. Download our whitepaper here to learn more: