4th April 2017

Bank staff jump to engage in sustainability

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JUMP, operated by specialist provider Green Awards, was piloted last year for 70 teams of colleagues in a range of workplace locations including branches, offices and cash centres.

The digital programme motivates staff who work at RBS to practise sustainable behaviours at work, including energy saving, recycling and sustainable travel.

In its Annual Report and Accounts 2016, the bank reported that in the year “colleagues logged over 2,500 activities to reduce our environmental impact via our app JUMP”.

Competition is predominant, with colleagues organised into teams based on their department and location, and leader boards showing which teams and individuals are performing best. Each month there are prizes for top-performers including M&S, iTunes and other high street vouchers.

The bank is predicting savings of £3m from energy alone as JUMP is scaled up to cover all its UK and Ireland colleagues.

Mike Lynch, sustainable workplace culture manager at RBS, said: “Colleagues can earn points for their team for simple actions like switching off electrical equipment, reporting leaks, travelling sustainably and encouraging others to get involved. RBS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of serving customers and JUMP brings all our target areas together under one cohesive programme.”

Graham Simmonds, managing director of Green Rewards (the company behind JUMP), said: “Our vision for JUMP was always to use the collective actions of people in the workplace to magnify the impact, be it energy saving or less waste sent to landfill, and we’re constantly developing our technology to make the experience as easy and motivating as possible.”

The RBS JUMP programme has so far been shortlisted for two prestigious awards this year – the Better Society Awards and the Employee Benefits Awards.