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Acre Bench connects organisations and freelance consultants quickly and efficiently, providing a flexible way
to push forward projects, cover extended leave or fill interim positions.

Acre Bench FAQs


What is Acre Bench?

The Acre Bench is a managed network of best-in-class senior sustainability and environmental consultants and interim professionals.

Each Bench member has been carefully selected and accredited by Acre, is an expert in their field, and can be mobilised quickly for a short consultancy piece or a longer-term interim assignment.

The platform enables organisations to identify suitable consultants for specific assignments, search and view member profiles, ask them questions via the contact form and request their day rate and availability. Alternatively, let us know what kind of support you need and we’ll offer consultative advice on appropriate Bench members.


What is the Acre Bench Accreditation?

Bench Accredited

The Acre Bench Accreditation is awarded to interim professionals who meet a set of best-practice criteria, allowing employers to make quick and well informed decisions when hiring. To qualify, the Bench Member must demonstrate:

  • A track record of delivering a high quality of service as an interim professional
  • Specialist skills and extensive experience with suitable qualifications
  • A robust business platform from which to undertake assignments from (usually a limited company)
  • Active contribution to the sustainability market place via knowledge sharing and best practice

To achieve this accreditation, Bench members have successfully completed a four step process:

  • Undertaken an interview and provided suitable references
  • Provided evidence of their company structure and appropriate insurances
  • Contributed Bench Insights and / or attended biannual Bench knowledge-sharing events
  • Completed and maintained an up-to-date Bench profile

The Acre Bench Accreditation logo appears on Bench member’s profiles, and once accredited Bench members are licensed to use it across other platforms to promote their accredited status.


How can the Acre Bench support my business?

The Acre Bench has many applications. These include:

  • Support to meet compliance targets and requirements
  • Support for seasonal activities such as report writing
  • Support for niche technical challenges
  • Business intelligence and advice for new market entrants and start-ups
  • Expert support for consultancies in writing bids and proposals
  • Access to technical experts for mergers & acquisitions and due diligence work
  • The provision of training and mentoring for current or new employees


How does Acre select Bench members?

All Bench members have been through a selection process to ensure a high level of expertise and an excellent standard of delivery. This includes:

  • All Bench members have been interviewed by the Acre Bench team
  • All Bench members provide references
  • All Bench members are employed within Limited company structures and hold appropriate levels of insurance
  • Feedback is obtained for all Bench members at the end of every completed assignment to ensure high quality of service


How do I contact and engage a Bench member?

When you contact a Bench member through their contact form, your message will be sent directly to the Acre Bench team. We’ll contact the Bench member directly and facilitate an appropriate response or make an introduction. Alternatively, pick up the phone in the first instance, we’re happy to talk.


How does Acre support when I engage a Bench member?

If you would like to engage a Bench member on an assignment, we'll work with you to ensure an efficient and hassle free process. This includes:

  • Issuing contracts to protect the interests of both parties
  • Ensuring compliance issues are addressed
  • Agreeing a suitable and competitive rate with the interim professional on your behalf
  • Managing payroll through an automated on-line system
  • Dealing with on-boarding and continued support throughout the assignment


What is Acre's fee?

For work undertaken via the Acre Bench, a transparent fee applies; a margin of 20% is charged on top of the interims individual earnings. Acre will offer support throughout the process, from securing a suitable interim professional, to on-boarding.

Acre will also manage the contract administration and payroll procedures, to ensure a compliant, smooth and productive assignment. Our fee covers all of the above and you can access our Terms of Business on-line. There are no obligations for enquiries.


How are Bench Members paid and what is the invoicing process?

Our on-line payroll system is completely automated. There is no need for any party to touch a single piece of paper, or to make a single calculation. We pay Bench members within five working days of signed time sheets being received to ensure the interim consultant has a good experience whilst delivering your assignment.


How do I login?

We've removed all barriers to using the Acre Bench, so there’s no need to login.


I can’t find a suitable interim consultant

Acre maintains the largest network of sustainability and environmental interim professionals, many of whom are not listed on the Acre Bench at this time. If you need to hire an interim consultant immediately, and you can’t find the appropriate profile, please call us and we’ll leverage our wider network. Call us directly on+44 (0)20 7400 5570 to discuss how we can help.