Why I care about women and social entreprise

Servane Mouazan

BY: Servane Mouazan / 12th Jun

Social enterprise is a lifestyle rather than just a job. In essence, men and women who set up and develop social enterprises share similar motives — they are in it because they care and want to make a difference, while a recent study shows that women are more likely to be engaged in social entrepreneurial activity than they are in mainstream entrepreneurial activity”.

At a time when new impact investment initiatives are popping up in all parts of the world, women-led social ventures now have more opportunities to show leadership, build viable proposals, find relevant investors and generate a positive social impact.

So why do I bother developing and connecting female social entrepreneurs? What I am passionate about is not “women’s stuff” but the “stuff that these women do”. It’s easier to do this in an environment where our male colleagues show more empathy and collaborative traits than the majority of men in mainstream business. At last we can look at the value we are bringing about without distractions.

A lot of organisations do a great job at lobbying against the imbalance of male-female ratio at executive and board levels in mainstream businesses and the public sector. We need to stay alert and maintain the relative balance between genders in social ventures, at all decision-making levels. If we don’t pay attention, we risk slipping into the same old patterns.

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Servane Mouazan

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