Why should investment panels include more women?

Servane Mouazan

BY: Servane Mouazan / 23rd Jun

Because investment panels are not supposed to be ‘dude fests’! Let’s reframe the question: why would a panel that is supposed to make a judgment on the capacity of a company to make future financial and social returns base its decisions solely on the views of an unrepresentative sample of the population? You can also ask yourself: what makes a male only panel more qualified than a diverse panel? Reframing the question is uncovering the current pain points. We already know women involved in the decision-making process are good for the bottom line in business. International Monetary Fund (IMF) research into two million companies across 34 European countries came to that conclusion. I believe that this statistic is transferable to decisions around investment panels too. Read further: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-we-need-more-women-investment-boards-servane-mouazan

Servane Mouazan

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