ABB Impact Story

28 January 2020 by Sean Desouza
blog author

“With an ambition to put Sustainability/HSE at the heart of our business activities we needed to ensure that we had the right level of competence amongst the HSE professionals in the team.

The first step was to assess key knowledge, skills and behaviours in relation to defined competencies – beyond technical know-how. We did this with the help of Acre by creating a Development and Assessment Centre (DAC) attended by our top HSE/Sustainability leaders across the globe.

Acre was uniquely positioned to partner with us on this project due to their subject specific knowledge and assessment expertise to give authenticity to the DAC experience.

The one-day DAC allowed the delegates to demonstrate their strengths as well as identify areas for improvement across a range of skills (soft and technical) and behaviours using a scenario which developed over the course of the day. 

Each delegate was given personal feedback from the assessors and then helped to create their own development plan. Despite the day being very busy and challenging we had incredibly positive
feedback from the candidates – both those who scored very well across many
competency areas as well as those for whom the gaps were more obvious.

To ensure development objectives were maintained and ongoing support was offered, bespoke training was rolled out globally based on outcomes from the DAC with support from Acre, which once again received very positive feedback”

- Michael Cooke, Senior Vice President, HSE & Sustainability