1st October 2019

Accursed Mountains preparation & training


Preparations: Training and a Practice Hike in Cornwall

With only a week to go, the team have been working hard in getting their bodies, minds and kit ready for the challenge! In addition to utilising Acre’s personal trainer, the team have been getting stuck in with a variety of activities such as bouldering, swimming, HIIT, weightlifting, football, swimming… to name just a few!

Regarding the kit, in truly sustainable fashion, we have been reusing and repurposing kit that has been shared around the team over the 4 years of challenges.


Last weekend, part of the team took their preparation one step further… travelling to Cornwall (Treknow) for a practice hike. With accommodation kindly provided by Richard Wright, our CEO, we commenced our 13.5 km hike on Saturday morning to Port Isaac, tackling part of the North Coast of Cornwall. With some steep inclines, the jagged Cornish Coastline made for a great pre-cursor to the Albanian Alps, with our calves and hamstrings being put through their paces. Upon completion, we felt as though we’d climbed a sizeable number of meters. Despite feeling a sense of achievement, it suddenly hit us that what we’d done was merely 1/3 of the 1st day’s ascent for the Accursed Mountain. In summary, more training is needed until we depart!

To see the full practice hike for yourself go to:


To provide a fundraising update, we’re £5,400 towards our £7,000 fundraising target with strong contributions across the team. That said, we’ve still got a way to go to exceed our target! Your support would be greatly received to give us that extra push during the challenge itself.


With the weather forecast currently teetering on the edge of being promising, fingers and toes will be crossed to ensure this is maintained.