26th October 2018

Introducing The Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel


Over the past three years we at Acre Frameworks have been fortunate enough to work with over 30 companies, assessing over 600 individuals, in 20 countries to co-create some of the most effective HSEQ teams across the globe. Our offering has grown from an assessment tool to delivering development programs that include interactive development centres, coaching packages and bespoke training workshops.

Next week will see us launch version 2.0 of the Acre Frameworks dashboard, our unique development tool, which not only allows managers to objectively understand their teams behaviours but to track year-on-year change and even benchmark their team against industry averages. All these services are aimed at prioritising the development of non technical competency alongside technical proficiency for the purpose of supporting a wider change in the profession.

Acre Frameworks Dashboard Screen


During these three years it’s fair to say we have learnt a lot, the most valuable lesson being that constantly consulting with our market is key. Skills such as consultation and listening, which we are working closely with the profession to perfect, have been critical in the development of Acre Frameworks since day one. The original framework, our coaching and training offerings and even our dashboard all came about as a result of open and honest conversations with our clients, their teams and peers.

“Acre Frameworks has been really valuable in helping us focus on the skills that make a great safety professional in our business.” Ruth Denyer, Group Operational Risk Director at ITV, tells us, “As a team it’s helped us to understand our individual strengths and inform our development plans, according to where our strengths and limiting behaviours lie.”

At Acre Frameworks we pride ourselves on being a learning organisation, one that considers curiosity and innovation at the heart of everything we do. It is this need for consultation, guidance and advice that has led us to form the Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel.

Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel Logo

This 75 strong group of HSE Leaders are already giving their time to be part of structured interviews discussing the changing skill set and development needs of the profession as we look to refresh our Competency Framework. Among the HSE leaders on the Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel are representatives from Amazon, Vodafone, Selfridges, Willmott Dixon, ITV, Heathrow and Arriva, to name a few.

Their input will allow Acre Frameworks to keep challenging the profession to focus on behavioural development, to support our shared purpose of getting people home safely at the end of the working day. It is our hope that over the coming months we can thank them by assembling a community committed to learning and driving impactful and positive change across the health and safety profession.

In the coming weeks our team will share many insights from the Advisory Panel on our LinkedIn page as we aim to support the learning of all.

For more information please do contact a member of the Frameworks team on 0207 4005570 or visit our Frameworks page.

Article written by Anna Keen, Director of Acre Frameworks.