23rd August 2017

Britain ‘a century away from green living’

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It will take more than a century to make current UK homes totally green, WWF has warned.

The conservation organisation has made the warning following the release of new data which reveals we need to triple the rate homes are insulated to meet commitments such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

The report highlights emissions could end up 3 per cent higher in 2030 without new policies to make new and existing homes low carbon and more energy efficient.

Homes account for 20 per cent of the UK’s total climate emission. Emissions urgently need to drop well below the 10 per cent fall, required by the Committee on Climate Change, to successfully tackle climate change.

A recent poll on behalf of WWF found that 86 per cent of people believe that saving energy in the home is important, and 69 per cent are likely to check energy costs before buying or renting a home.

It found 72 per cent of people would insulate their homes if there was a government subsidy available.

With the UK on track to fall short of its climate change targets by as much as 30 per cent by 2025, the UK Government is expected to publish a Clean Growth Plan in September outlining how it will reduce UK emissions to address this and meet international obligations.

Gareth Redmond-King, head of energy and climate, at WWF said: “This winter too many people will be living in cold homes that leak and waste energy. This is piling hundreds of pounds onto people’s fuel bills, as well as damaging their health, and is ruining our planet.

“Last year was the hottest on record. And with extreme weather and flooding costing lives and livelihoods from Bangladesh to Texas, we are all seeing the effects of climate change. It is real and it’s happening now.

“The UK Government needs to take seriously their international obligations. The Clean Growth Plan must prioritise giving support to people to make sure their homes use as little energy as possible; otherwise, our homes really will cost the earth”.