6th March 2018

Britvic sustainable business programme: A thirst for a healthier planet

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Britvic, the soft drinks company, has launched a sustainable business programme to support communities and minimise its environmental impact.

A Healthier Everyday” also builds on Britvic’s commitment to support consumers in making healthier choices and it focuses on three key areas – Healthier People, Healthier Communities, Healthier Planet.

The programme is fully embedded in Britvic’s broader business strategy and builds on the work Britvic has undertaken for many years, including steps towards improving public health.

The Hemel Hempstead-based firm has led the industry towards helping consumers make healthier choices and as a result, Britvic has removed more than 20bn calories from its GB portfolio since 2013 on an annualised basis.

By April 2018, 94 per cent of its owned brands (72 per cent of Britvic’s full GB portfolio) will be below or exempt from the soft drinks industry levy.

Matt Barwell, chief marketing officer at Britvic, said: “We have been bringing enjoyment to millions of everyday moments for over a century through our much-loved brands and we are committed to continuing to make a positive difference to the world around us – helping to make it healthier, happier, and more sustainable.

“I am particularly excited about the ‘Healthier People’ pillar of the programme. The health of our consumers is vital to us which is why we’ve long been committed to helping them make healthier choices.

“Back in the 1930s, when we were called the British Vitamin Company, our business was built on bringing an affordable source of vitamins to consumers at a time when diets lacked important nutrients, and to this day we are doing our best to help make sure our products taste great and are better for you.”

Shree Datta, consultant at King’s College, London, lecturer and medical author, said: “I fully welcome the commitment Britvic has made, with a unique and timely new sustainable business programme to kick off healthy eating in the new year.”