Mark Wilson BSc Tech CEng FIChemE

Huntsman Tioxide Process Safety, Technology and Projects Senior Manager

Mike helped me review and formulate the Process Safety Improvement plan for our Top Tier COMAH Titanium Dioxide Site. He provides a wealth of practical PSM knowledge as well as a sound technical understanding of the subject and its associated legislation. The plan achieved Corporate approval and financial support.

Work Experience

Owner and Director

Middleton Wissett Risk Consulting Ltd.

November 2013 – Current

January 2017 to current

  • Provision of Interim HSE Manager cover for multiple UK sites, managing the day to day HSE support operations, while also updating SHE Management standards and procedures,  supporting a transition from Lower Tier to Upper Tier COMAH operation, improving safe systems of work, improving emergency preparedness arrangements, and re-establishing an effective audit program.
  • Incident Investigation training
  • Process Safety Management assessments
  • Project HSE support

July 2014 – December 2016: Global Division Head of HSE, Power Sector

I took up a SHE Improvement Project lead role, based in Zurich reporting to the Division President.  This role led to me becoming Global Head of HSE for 2 “Power” divisions which were later restructured.   During this time, I was responsible for SHE improvement in manufacturing and construction activities in over 60 countries – recognising the cultural differences and safety maturity differences in these areas.  My key areas of activity included;

  • Networking across other Divisions and Regional / Corporate HSE Leadership Groups to ensure a common direction and message was in place
  • Assessment of the appropriate level of HSE resources required across the Division, and securing appropriate Senior HSE Management resources within the Business Units
  • Developing a new standard operating model for HSE within the global organisation, moving from a country-led approach to business-led approach
  • Serious Accident Investigation and transfer of learning
  • Establishing coordinated HSE communication and initiative sharing across the restructured Division, including networks and lines of communication,
  • Developing global Code of Practice for Safe Working
  • Updating and re-establishing a comprehensive assessment system for HSE management on Project sites considering the Code of Practice for Safe Working.
  • Developing / updating Global Corporate HSE Standards
  • Developing a Project HSE Framework to be applied throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-tender to handover and warranty periods.

November 2013 – July 2014: Project EHSS Manager

I led the pre-sanction EHSS aspects of a major Petrochemical project on Teesside.  My responsibilities were:

  • Establishing the EHSS standards and requirements for the projects, including advising 3rd Party EPC design teams on client, legislative, and relevant industry good practice EHSS requirements
  • Leading project planning permission and consents applications to local authorities
  • Leading interactions with the HSE and EA to ensure their early support for the design “basis of safety”.
  • Preparation of client input on EHSS aspects of the major EPC contracts involved.

Process Safety Manager & Director

Cristal Pigment UK Ltd, Stallingborough

Jan 2011 to October 2013

I was recruited to head up a new Process Safety Department following a fatal accident on Site. My key responsibilities included:

  • Reducing the major accident risks by driving an aggressive PHA program and follow up action resolution.
  • Reducing Human Error by establishing a program os Task & Error Analysis for Safety Critical Tasks. Human Factors techniques were also applied during the Incident Investigation processes.
  • Improving Emergency Preparedness by developing emergency pre-plans and putting the resources in place to deliver these plans, including full training and maintenance / testing regimes.

I also supported the development of Cristal’s global Process Safety systems, ensuring the good practices and learnings from Stallingborough were incorporated globally.

I represented Cristal on various industry working parties and was the Chemical Industries Association representative on the joint Industry / Regulator COMAH Remodelling working party.

I became a Company Director and Trustee of the company’s Pension scheme in 2012.

EHSS Improvement Manager

Huntsman Petrochemicals / SABIC UK Petrochemicals

July 1999 – Jan 2011

My key areas of work included:

  • Improving the management of Process Safety by developing a PSM Framework (based on OSHA1910), carrying out a gap analysis against this framework, and leading activities across the Business to close the gaps identified.  This program also included a dashboard of leading and lagging KPIs.
  • delivered several COMAH Safety Reports and IPPC permit applications, including the management of delivery of resulting Improvement Plans.
  • developed the local Management Systems to ensure compliance with the Huntsman Global Standards, and then implemented SABIC SHE Management Standards across Teesside.
  • International auditing for compliance with Corporate standards
  • developed and delivered a “Management of SHE” training program for senior management

I also represented the Chemical Industries Association on the Buncefield Standards Task Force WG3, which looked more closely at Human Factors aspects associated with the Fuels Storage sector. I continued this role within the subsequent Process Safety Leadership Group WG1.

SHE Manager

ICI Teesside Utilities / North Tees Site

Aug 1997 – July 1999

Managed the interface with the Regulatory Authorities including preparing the defence for 2 prosecutions by the Environment Agency for previous incidents.

Updated Business SHE Management Procedures to align with ICI Teesside Operations requirements

Operations Manager

ICI Melinar, Wilton

Jan 1996 - July 1997

Selection, training and management of a new operations team to commission and operate the plant.

Established the safe work control system for the safe transition from a construction site to an operating chemical plant.

Established the SHE / operating systems on the plant prior to start up to ensure compliance with legal and company standards

Operations Manager

ICI Melinar, Wilton

Dec 1992 - Dec 1995

Delivery of significant organisational change including introduction of a structure to allow development within the shift team, introduction of cross-team process flexibilities and multi-skilling into the team.

Plant Manager

ICI Phenol, Billingham

Feb 1992 - Nov 1992

Maintained standards of safety in operations during the 6-month period of uncertainty prior to closure.  Managed the closure and initial destocking / decontamination of the plant and successfully redeployed the operating team from the plant.

Technical Development Manager / Technical Plant Manager

ICI Cyanides, Billingham

July 1989 - Jan 1992

Day to-day plant technical support and improvement projects including dust extraction system for the solid cyanide compaction building, and conversion of a batch process to continuous operation

Project Engineer / Plant Engineer

Fine Organics Ltd, Seal Sands, Teesside

Oct 1984 – July 1989

Development of a brown-field Site for toll production of organic intermediates including process design, project management, construction supervision, and commissioning.  Following start up I became responsible for maintenance and plant modification for new projects / processes brought onto my unit.

Education & Qualifications

About Mike Wood

Mike is an experienced HSE leader with over 30 years’ experience in operations and HSE management within the high-hazard chemical and petrochemical industries, coupled with more recent global HSE leadership within the power sector. his experience allows him to operate in strategic, tactical or operational environments addressing all aspects of HSE leadership, management, performance and improvement. His principal areas of expertise include developing (process) safety management systems and assessing current local arrangements. Mike also has considerable experience of the influence of Human Factors in HSE performance, management of HSE in Projects, incident investigation, and has operated several Behavioural Safety programs.


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Assessment and Improvement of (Process) Safety and Engineering Management Systems
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HSE Management throughout the Project lifecycle
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