Stephanie Hime

Stephanie Hime

Specialist Environmental and Social Impact Consultant



Vincent Neate, Partner

“Stephanie is the most insightful professional in the field of natural capital I have come across. She is especially skilled at making the issues of ecosystems relevant to the business. She also takes this brilliantly across from the field of natural capital to the field of social capital in a way few others have been able to. Over the five years I worked with Stephanie I came to know her as a massively intelligent, diligent and pleasant colleague.”

Natural Capital Coalition

Mark Gough Executive Director

“Stephanie has been essential in the development of the Natural Capital Protocol. Her technical expertise in this area is excellent and she is highly respected by her peers. Her no nonsense approach provides clarity when it is most needed and has meant that we have been able to handle some very difficult timelines. Stephanie is also very easy to work with; collaborative and open to suggestions. I would not hesitate in working with Stephanie again in the future.”

Work Experience

Director & Founder

Little Blue Research, Ltd.

(March 2016 - Present)

Director and founder of a company that specialises in supporting companies to understand their environmental and social impacts.

Little Blue Research, Ltd. provides support in a number of areas relating to Natural Capital, Ecosystems Services, Social Impact and Commercial Research including:

o Environmental economics support: project scoping, impact and dependency mapping, data and gap analysis, and valuation.

o Social impact support by: understanding and monitoring the impact of different interventions and investments, developing social impact maps, prioritising and valuing social impacts, designing and reviewing monitoring frameworks.

o General research and sustainability support on: stakeholder engagement, qualitative/interview based research, valuing sustainability initiatives and developing sustainability strategies, conducting risk and opportunity analysis and benchmarking, designing and providing training.

Clients: Natural Capital Coalition, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Confidential Utilities Provider

Technical Director

Natural Capital Coalition

(January 2015 - Present)

Part-time secondment as Technical Director to the Natural Capital Coalition (since January 2015) to oversee the development of a global natural capital protocol (guidance for companies to be able to measure and value their impacts and dependencies on the environment) this includes:

o Leadership: providing project management support and managing a support team of five.

o Stakeholder engagement: through convening of panels, developing, hosting and taking part in membership events; designing and managing the ongoing public consultation process.

Manager and lead specialist True Value


(November 2010 - March 2016)

Technical lead focusing on designing and delivering innovative client solutions using research based approaches. Relevant skills include:

o Management: extensive management and leadership experience focusing on projects relating to the measurement of natural and social capital impacts from proposal development, pitching to clients, solution development and stakeholder engagement.

  • Recent project example: engagement manager Social Impact Methodology confidential global telecoms provider (since March 2015). Project to design and develop a social impact methodology for the client to help value the social impact of their products across all geographies to support the company’s strategic priorities.

o Innovation: leading the development of numerous frameworks for the measurement and reporting of both environmental and social impacts. Using the results of analyses to build the business case for change. Development of impact measurement frameworks (2010-present). Recent examples include:

  • Technical oversight for the development of the Natural Capital Protocol and Sector Guides (see above).
  • Development of a standard for water footprinting measurement for the hotel sector and KPMG’s True Value methodology and its application for corporate clients across sectors.
  • Peer review framework development for the review of carbon footprinting of a global retailers supply chain
  • Evaluating the risks and opportunities associated with natural capital accounting for a large energy company.

o Cross functional team working and project leadership: working across many functional teams including: financial risk, forensics, people and change, and sustainability to lead and deliver consulting projects with over ten people. Working across geographies including: India, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Spain, among others. Recent examples include:

  • Training 80 industry representatives from a selection of corporate clients across Europe and the USA including: Holcim, AkzoNobel, ENI, AngloAmerican, Nokia, DuPont, UPM, Veolia and Syngenta (Business Ecosystems Training)
  • Delivering the WBCSD future leadership training (2012)
  • Internal training to sustainability staff on natural capital and environmental economics through dedicated sessions and as part of team meetings.

Senior Environmental Economics consultant

Economics for the Environment Consultancy (eftec)

(October 2008 - October 2010)

Project management and team leading: focus on projects delivering environmental economic valuations, examples include: contingent valuation for Thames Water on the willingness to pay for a social tariff; and developing the guide to value transfer for the Department of Food and Rural Affairs.

o Leading proposal development for clients attending and leading client pitches.

o Knowledge management: Responsible for the management and design of internal company knowledge base and reference database. Responsible for designing company external web site.

o Stakeholder engagement: working with numerous stakeholders e.g. DECC, the European Environment Agency (EEA), the EC, Defra, Natural England, Engineering and Environmental Consultancies.

Senior Research Associate in environmental economics

University of East Anglia

(April 2007 - October 2008)

o Researching the economic benefits of the European Water Framework Directive. Principle designer of computerised data collection system and part of the economic valuation design team. Management: of data collection, designer of all training.



(March 2001 - June 2003)

o Leading small software development teams to develop and implement focused solutions as part of customer relationship management projects.

Process Leadership Analyst

Ford Motor Company

(September 1998 - March 2001)

Business analysis; stakeholder engagement; managed change processes.

Education & Qualifications

University of East Anglia

PhD in the economic and ecological impacts of marine based tourism

(2003 - 2007)

University of Greenwich

M.Sc. Internet Technology

(1999 - 2003)

University of Southampton

M.Sc. Oceanography

(1997 - 1998)

University of York

B.Sc. Env. Economics and Env. Management

(1994 - 1997)

About Stephanie Hime

Stephanie is the founder and managing director of Little Blue Research, Ltd. a company that helps clients measure and value their social and environmental impacts. Stephanie is an experienced environmental professional with an in-depth knowledge of environmental economics, the measurement of social impacts and their application to manage sustainability issues. As a technical specialist she has provided best practice advice to clients across the telecoms, FMCG and construction sectors. Stephanie’s main motivation is to help clients with complex projects and to ensure that natural and social capital issues become part of corporate decision-making.


Environmental Management

Responsible Investment/ESG

Skills & Expertise

Environmental economics
Measuring social impact and value
Natural capital design and application
Preparing sustainability strategies
Risk and opportunity analysis

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United Kingdom

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