Inflection Point Capital Management

CEO and Founder

It has been my privilege to work with Valborg directly for nearly three years now. Her combination of intellect, wisdom, and passion for sustainability is rare in my experience, and continues to add huge value to our work here at Inflection Point.

The Blended Capital Group

Founder and Partner

Valborg is an inspiration who has the ‘gold dust’ ability to get things done in the sustainable finance and responsible investment field. Her record as a driving force on RI as a former official with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance continues today at Borg Consulting. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to work with Valborg these past ten years.

MWEZI Limited


Valborg has been tireless in her support, sage advice and expertise for Mwezi’s work in Kenya. Her rare combination of skill and expertise in the sustainable finance and responsible investment field has been invaluable.

Asset Management Department in the Norwegian Ministry of Finance

Director General

Valborg has made outstanding contributions to the work of the Asset Management Department. She is very conscientious and thorough in all of her work, and has a great ability to see issues in a wider context. She also displays overall good, sound judgement and a practical approach to the issues at hand. She is very highly respected by her peers.

Work Experience

Founder and Director

Borg Consulting

(February 2014 - Present)

Valborg runs a sustainable investing consultancy as the sole operator.

She is currently:

  • Servicing a London-based asset management boutique which develops investment analysis and investment products with an underlying long-term thinking integrated, giving strategy and business planning advice as well as making first contact with relevant asset owners. In that work, I have been appointed as a Client Facing Advisor, based on approval by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Servicing a UK company with operations in Kenya aimed at improving the health, wealth, education and environmental impact of poor people living outside of the grid. I assist them by introducing governmental, intergovernmental and private institutions in the Nordic market who have an interest in impact investing.
  • Collaborating with a UK-based investment advisory group, helping them to reach investors with an interest in social impact investing in emerging markets.

Her current work is largely dedicated to developing and leveraging an extensive network amongst institutional investors in Europe and among SWFs globally, in addition to investor-relevant organisations. She frequently takes part in investor discussions and seminars relating to sustainable investing and has helped plan and execute several invitation-only investor forums in Oslo, Stockholm and London. She guest lectures at Cass Business School, addressing the theme of Sustainable Finance.


Hermes Equity Ownerhsip Services, London

(April 2010 - July 2010)

Hermes Equity Ownership Services (EOS) helps institutional investors to meet their fiduciary duties by becoming active owners of public and private companies. Hermes EOS monitors clients’ investments in companies and intervenes where necessary with the aim of improving long-term corporate performance.

While on secondment to Hermes EOS I took part in:

  • Voting activities, including participation at Annual General Meetings
  • Analysis and screening of companies
  • Company engagement at senior management and board level
  • Dialogue with other shareholders
  • Seminars on active ownership

Special Adviser (at the level of Deputy Director General)

Norwegian Ministry of Finance

(November 2005 - December 2013)

The Ministry of Finance acts as principal for the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). The Ministry holds the formal responsibility for the fund management and establishes general guidelines, including benchmarks and risk limits, as well as monitoring performance. Responsible investment practices are an integral part of the guidelines for the Fund.

I coordinated the Department’s responsible investment activities through:

  • Developing and overseeing the framework for the fund’s responsible investment practice.
  • Follow-up of the fund’s manager, NBIM, in the area of active ownership and integration of environmental, social and governance issues into the investment process.
  • Follow-up of the Council on Ethics for the GPFG, including processing of recommendations from the Council to observe or exclude companies on ethical grounds.
  • Drafting of legal documents, including regulations pertaining to the Government Pension Fund Act, white papers to Parliament on the management of the GPFG and public hearings on changes to relevant regulations, as well as tenders and contracts.
  • Playing key roles in two public reviews of the fund’s responsible investment practice, which included high-level stakeholder engagement with amongst others: peer investors, research institutions, NGOs, politicians, international investor-related organisations.
  • Giving council to the Minister of Finance on responsible investment issues, as well as drafting speeches, speaking notes and presentations on behalf of the Minister.
  • Initiating targeted discussions with peer institutional investors in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia on responsible investment practices.
  • Coordination of a two-day international seminar “Investing for the Future” in Oslo with 300 guests from four continents.
  • Public speaking at seminars and participation in committees/workshops under the PRI, UN Global Compact and the International Corporate Governance Network respectively.

Education & Qualifications

University of Oslo

Law Degree

(1992 - 1997)

University of Oslo

Preparatory Courses: Philosophy, Linguistics and Phonetics

(1991 - 1991)

University of Oslo

Graduation Course: Spanish Language and Literature

(1991 - 1992)

About Valborg Lie

Valborg is a Norwegian lawyer living in the UK with a decade of experience in development and implementation of responsible investment policies and activities. From 2005 to 2013, she headed up the work to develop a responsible investment strategy at principal level for the Norwegian SWF. Valborg has solid knowledge of the regulatory environment defining good stewardship and fiduciary duty for financial institutions. She is passionate about stakeholder engagement and has strong abilities to develop relationships in both government and commercial domains, driven by an engaging personality; strong core values; extensive international experience and language skills.


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