Zoe Eccleston

Zoe Eccleston

Corporate Health and Wellbeing Consultant


Christine Hancock, C3 Collaborating for Health

Founder and Director

Zoe has inspired much of C3’s work on workplace health, including our Workplace Health Movement.  She also developed some of our specific programmes, such as for Serco Health who have continued her programme some 2 years later.  Zoe is energetic and passionate about her work and gets results.

Dr Umang Patel
, Clinical Director


I met Zoe at Bloomberg and it was clear that she offered a fresh perspective on employee wellbeing.  Not only did she have impressive domain expertise, Zoe was able to articulate the challenges faced by the system.  Together, we were able to craft a solution that has merged traditional benefits with leading technology to help employees be healthier, happier and consequently achieve more.  This would not have been possible without the energy, enthusiasm and determination that Zoe showed at every stage. It was a pleasure working with Zoe, and I hold her in the highest regard.  

Dannielle Broadhurst


Zoe Eccleston, is a highly regarded wellbeing expert in my network. Tenacious, meticulous, collaborative and always striving for better. A leader and innovator in strategic corporate wellbeing. It was a pleasure working with Zoe and I recommend her in a heart beat.

Zoe brings her passion and clinical expertise together with a high level of corporate and commercial credibility.

A true professional and a valued asset to any organisation.

Leanne Rigby, Feelgood


Zoe’s is one of the most experienced wellbeing managers that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career and she has been an inspiration to myself and the team.

Unashamedly, she has incredibly high expectations of her providers. Whilst this has been demanding at times, what we have been able to achieve together has been one of the most successful and rewarding programmes; a real success story and one that we are all very proud.

Zoe is passionate and tenacious. She has fought hard to get agreement to a number of initiatives she believes in and has been successful in the face of challenge.  As a result, Zoe has a very high profile at Bloomberg and is hugely respected by both her superiors and the employees who have personally benefited from the innovative wellbeing initiatives she has implemented in a relatively short space of time.

Zoe is a real people person and has a great connection with everyone she comes into contact with. You only have to watch her interact with colleagues around the office to see how many people know her and feel comfortable approaching her unannounced to chat about their wellbeing.

Work Experience

Wellbeing Manager

EMEA Bloomberg

Reviewed the extensive wellbeing programme and partnerships and identified a unique opportunity to significantly enhance employee engagement, underpinned by
robust data that indicated an immediate clear return on investment.

Designed, project managed, and delivered a health app, in partnership, with an emerging disruptive healthcare start up, that is now delivering a simple, cost effective treatment route for all medical conditions including mental health, that after its first months use has a NPS of 100% and exceeded all forecasted engagement goals.

Implemented a mental health programme using different delivery methods to help include employees at the appropriate time and educate managers and employees of what, when and how they can give and receive the support they require

Support and influence the Bloomberg communities in a joint venture ‘BCause’ – which includes Working families, BABLE, and the LGBGT community to implement programmes that enhance and strengthen employee engagement across a diverse workforce. This initiative allowed Bloomberg to offer appropriate and valued propositions to enhance the work life blend of its employees, and to combine the benefits this brings with the ongoing philanthropic activities Bloomberg staff value as part of their daily working lives

Reviewed and project managed the statutory compliance and governance of health and wellbeing requirements across the EMEA region to implement new sustainable and auditable policies

Produced country-specific manuals documenting all health and wellbeing processes to support the internal and external auditing process at 62 offices in 42 countries, and identifying areas for improving local engagement

Established management information and reporting systems, combining data from all major vendors implementing a monthly meeting to find synergies in future service provision

Integrated wellbeing initiatives with the global philanthropy programme supporting both existing campaigns as well as developing more bespoke programmes to support locally identified needs with schools, colleges and the homeless communities

UK Head of Health


Developed and project-managed an extensive multi site pilot of mental health interventions with multiple external vendors, including teams of employees from call centres and a senior leadership team and established a resilience programme with a choice of components in recognition of the test results

Implemented and managed inclusive people-focused wellbeing events to include multiple sites, abilities and personal motivations which saw the people surveys scores improve year on year.
Integral member of the ‘great places to work’ team – analysing focus group and survey data to implement new policies and working practices associated with the changing working practices of modern companies including solutions for working parents, graduates and the ageing workforce

Responsible for all medical contracts with Vodafone’s healthcare providers which included reviewing deviations from company standards and managing non-compliance

Managed mixed internal and external suppliers of wellbeing services where work flowed across reporting lines and contributed to creating a cross functional team working to deliver solution-focused wellbeing programmes to a mixed employee demographic including a large portfolio of over 350 retail outlets resulting in improved engagement scores on the people survey

Reported progress of wellbeing services at monthly board meeting by developing a simple dashboard collating all key data trends supplied by all external vendors

Health and Wellness Manager UK, Ireland & S. Africa


Designed the first wellbeing programme at PepsiCo and implemented a sustainable programme suitable from factory line to CEO

Influenced the business to overcome legal, HR, tax, organisational, and cultural barriers to take up new schemes such as health kiosk data collection, cycle to work schemes and to sign up to the ‘Time to Change’ campaign which launched the mental health campaign internally

Unified nationally dispersed teams of occupational health nurses and wellbeing champions, by encouraging training and mentoring and regular cross site meetings resulting in them winning the HR team award within 2 years

Created a wellbeing brand / identity to embed the programme and used social media to increase engagement and reach a wider more diverse audience

Managed the restructuring of the OH services in accordance with HSG61 Health Surveillance at Work act

Implemented a coordinated cross site internal occupational health services in line with the government ‘Responsibility Deal’ pledges

Developed standards, specifications, procedures, work instructions, and evidence based practice guides for inclusion in multinational company documentation

Developed links to strengthen business objectives by working with Universities and external specialists including Dame Carol Black, C3 Collaborating for Health and the ‘Time to Change Campaign’

UK Health and Wellbeing Manager

British Gas

Designed and implemented the first bespoke health and behaviour training programme, that could be replicated and delivered to 32,000 staff across all business units in 4 key health areas: smoking, diet, exercise and mental resilience

Established and trained a team of 4 regional managers and national team of wellbeing champions to roll out branded wellbeing programme

Head of Wellbeing


Influenced the thinking and behaviours of the H&S board to support the development of a wellbeing programme that strengthened the reputation of the company and improved staff engagement, acting as an adjunct to the traditional OH department by providing proactive rather than reactive solutions

Founding member of the Business in the Communities Work Well group, which produced toolkits for improving the health and wellbeing of UK businesses

Designed an interactive intranet site and social media support including monthly blogs to improve the scope of health and wellness programmes across the various generations employed across the organisation

Captain and coordinator of RWEnpower corporate games team at UK, European and World Corporate Games from 2004-2006

2007 Created unique company sports and management event where 1000 staff from over 20 sites nationally took part in a choice of 20 sports. The ‘npower games’ became a much anticipated annual event which employees said ‘they looked forward to more than Christmas!’

Won the CEO award for creating a successful innovative wellbeing programme which included a unique partnerships with

  • A local gym to provide a payment pilot scheme to encourage exercise and better staff engagement
  • Slimming world which significantly improved engagement, with the targeted demographic, at a site who had previously had difficulties recruiting and retaining staff
  • The onsite catering company – BaxterStorey to provide clearly labeled healthy choices in company canteens
  • Various local sporting communities and celebrities to improve engagement and strengthen the charitable aspects of all the wellbeing activities
  • The onsite technical team who developed a new communication channels for employees without e-mail contacts using direct communication on their intranet system to further drive engagement via Blogs and personalised articles before these services became commonplace on the internets

Various Roles


Superintendent (head) physiotherapist managing and developing a multi disciplinary team approach in a novel cognitive behavioural therapy for people with chronic pain. The treatment focused on lifestyle management, motivational training and activity re-engagement, and overcoming obstacles to returning to work

Co-founder of Bath Centre for Pain services, a rehabilitation centre at the RNHRD NHS Foundation Trust Bath, specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy for teenagers and youth with complex untreatable pain, now replicated worldwide; with direct responsibility for business development, commissioning, contracting, and growth strategy

Education & Qualifications

About Zoe Eccleston

Zoe Eccleston is an experienced corporate health and wellbeing consultant, who has previously implemented sustainable programmes at Bloomberg, Vodafone, RWE npower, British Gas, and PepsiCo. Zoe designs individualised, programmes, by analysing the data and directing resources to show a positive return on investments. She understands the modern business and has a passion to help employers, of all sizes of organization, innovate new and sustainable methods to improve the health and wellbeing of all their staff. She has extensive experience in wide variety of workplace settings including, corporate, manufacturing and retail. She is equally comfortable working with the front line staff or reporting into the board. Zoe is used to international roles and has a proven track record in delivering country specific, compliant programmes across EMEA as well working as part of a global team.



Skills & Expertise

Confident and regular presenter at national and international conferences
Credible leader with an extensive network of colleagues
Experienced multidisciplinary team leader with good communication skills
Project management and programme implementation
Strategy development & business case analysis

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