19th June 2017

easyJet clears fuel efficient aircraft for take off

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The A320neo aircraft, which is manufactured by Airbus, could reduce noise by 50 per cent on take-off and landing and provide a cost per seat saving of up to 7 per cent compared with the current A320.

Carolyn McCall, easyJet chief executive, said: “This benefit will enable easyJet to continue to offer our famous low fares helping to connect people across Europe for work and play.

“We strive to do this in the right way by reducing our carbon and noise impact on the environment and local communities.”

The budget airline has ordered 100 of the new aircraft, which have 186 seats, and the first commercial flight will leave London Luton Airport today (Friday) with the aircraft set to operate flights to Amsterdam, Madrid and Edinburgh.

The company has been exploring numerous ways to increase efficiency and deliver carbon savings, including developing hybrid planes that utilise hydrogen fuel cells to capture energy when the aircraft brakes on landing, to be used when taxiing.

The new generation of aircraft will help easyJet to further reduce emissions which have dropped since 2000 from 116.2g to 79.98g. Last month, easyJet spoke of plans to to reduce emissions further to 72g by 2022, which would create a 38 per cent reduction against 2000 levels.