At Acre, we know the value of informed decision-making.

Our sustainability business intelligence services are designed specifically to transform data into actionable insights, helping your business achieve its ambitions and deliver a measurable impact.

Our expertise adds great value; but, this needs to be balanced with a deep understanding of your business. In order to deliver informed solutions, we will both advise and challenge.


An Established Network

We have two decades of experience and an expansive, global network.


Our expertise adds great value; but, this needs to be balanced with a deep understanding of your business. In order to deliver informed solutions, we will both advise and challenge.


We can meet your ambitions by enabling you to make quick, informed decisions.


Market-Leading Salary Benchmarking

Our extensive database of sustainability, ESG and EHD professionals is one of the largest globally, and forms the foundation of our salary benchmarking projects. ​Combining a data-led approach with market expertise, our reports provide a mid-point salary along with pay bands and additional compensation insights.


A Comprehensive Range of Services

We go beyond salary benchmarking to provide your business with an end-to-end, consultative service. Our seasoned business intelligence consultants can support your business with additional business intelligence and change management services, including mergers and acquisition (M&A) support, competitor analysis, job design, structural analysis and much more.

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  • Ben Wilde - First Carbon Solutions - Testimonial

    ​Acre's knowledge and understanding of the sustainability and environmental sector is outstanding. Their research, intelligence and networking capabilities make them an important partner for us as we grow our business in Europe. They are an impressive team.

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    Ben Wilde, Director

    First Carbon Solutions

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    Ingrained in Acre’s DNA is a strong sense of purpose – we aspire to catalyze social and environmental improvements through our activities.

    In 2020, we celebrated the opening of our Amsterdam office, augmenting our existing presence in New York and London. An enhanced presence in Europe represents an opportunity to increase our global impact. 

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Service Overview

Business Intelligence Service Overview

You need to make informed decisions and, fortunately, we know what ‘good’ looks like. Our unparalleled access to the safety, sustainability and ESG marketplace means that we’re constantly in touch with the right people, at the right time, making a difference in the right place.

Our bespoke business intelligence services are crafted with this in mind; utilising our market knowledge and insights to help you understand the change your business needs to make to create impact.

What business intelligence services does Acre offer?

Safety & Sustainability Salary Benchmarking

If you’re looking to remain fair and competitive with your organization’s compensation structures, we can provide you with up-to-date insights about what the rest of the industry is offering. We will leverage our current and historic data to provide you with objective information from over 80,000 safety and sustainability data points. Then, our experienced business intelligence consultants will sense check and verify our benchmarking figures through proactive engagement with the market.

In addition to our bespoke, confidential salary benchmarking support services, we also conduct and share the industry’s largest CR & Sustainability Salary Survey on a bi-annual basis. You can read our 2020 CR&S Salary Survey in GBP, EUR or USD here.

Market Mapping

We perform comprehensive market mapping exercises to uncover and illustrate the broad, diverse talent pool that is relevant to your search, and provide recommendations on specific individuals and companies to engage.

Approaching individuals both as potential candidates and as sources of referrals, this process establishes invaluable benchmarking information and competitor information, such as average salary levels, job design, organizational/team structures, compensation packages and more.

M&A Advisory Services

We offer M&A advisory services, allowing clients to leverage our well-established industry relationships to facilitate a significantly more efficient service than those typically supplied by corporate finance firms. Combining these relationships with our comprehensive database allows for potential M&A targets to be identified across the entire sustainability market.

Competitor Analysis

We help our clients understand their position in the current marketplace, assessing competitor strengths, weaknesses and strategies. In doing so, we provide a strategic context for the identification of risks and opportunities for growth and development.

Job Design

When looking to address the change needed in a team, a business function or in an entire organization, it is imperative that the roles and responsibilities underpinning each are fit for purpose. We leverage our competency-based recruitment service to determine what ‘good’ looks like and to ensure that jobs are well-positioned to attract the right people for the right reasons.

Structural Recommendations

As organizations look to lead with purpose, we can support with competitor analysis and data-driven insight into the optimal structure required to build purpose-driven agendas into the bottom line of a business.