Acre’s brand, proprietary data and networks create a unique offering. We provide a range of bespoke business intelligence solutions, giving our clients the ability to make faster and better decisions.


Salary Benchmarking

Acre’s database of sustainability. ESG and EHS professionals is one of the largest globally and forms the foundation of our benchmarking projects. Combining a data-led approach with in-house expertise, our reports provide a mid-point salary along with pay-bands and additional commentary.


Coverage of a Wide Range of Roles

Our benchmarking services can be applied both to specialist roles, such as sustainability and EHS as well as to more general roles (e.g. finance, sales and marketing) where sustainability issues are paramount to the organization’s services or products.


Other Business Intelligence Services

Acre can support with a range of additional business intelligence requirements including; mergers and acquisition (M&A) support, competitor benchmarking and market research.

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  • Ben Wilde - First Carbon Solutions - Testimonial

    ​Acre's knowledge and understanding of the sustainability and environmental sector is outstanding. Their research, intelligence and networking capabilities make them an important partner for us as we grow our business in Europe. They are an impressive team.

    First Carbon Solutions

    Ben Wilde, Director

    First Carbon Solutions

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    Ingrained in Acre’s DNA is a strong sense of purpose – we aspire to catalyze social and environmental improvements through our activities.

    In 2020, we celebrated the opening of our Amsterdam office, augmenting our existing presence in New York and London. An enhanced presence in Europe represents an opportunity to increase our global impact. 

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Service Overview

Business Intelligence Service Overview

Acre’s brand, proprietary data and networks create a unique offering in the field of sustainability and HSE.

We provide a range of bespoke business intelligence solutions allowing our clients preferential access to the information they require, giving them the ability to make faster and better decisions.

Salary Benchmarking

Our salary benchmarking service allows companies to ensure they remain competitive in the candidate market place when hiring. It also allows for high levels of confidence regarding internal remuneration levels to support retention.

Acre will leverage its current and historic data in order to compile this research (over 50,000 sustainability and EHS specific data points). Whilst we will use this data to inform salary levels we will not rely upon it alone.

Acre’s experienced consultants will sense check and verify the benchmarking figures through proactive communication with the market.

Talent Mapping

Acre can undertake thorough talent mapping to uncover the broad candidate market place relevant to any position you may be seeking to fill. This process produces extensive benchmarking information such as average salary levels and competitor information.

M&A Advisory Services

Our service allows clients to leverage Acre’s relationships, facilitating a significantly faster process than typically supplied by corporate finance firms. Combining these relationships with Acre’s data allows potential M&A targets across the sustainabilitymarketplace to be identified.

Competitor Analysis

We help our clients understand their position in their marketplace. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors and in doing so provide a strategic context for the identification of opportunities and threats.