​​​Acre is a leading EHS recruitment company placing contract and permanent professionals globally. We’re constantly searching for the best talent in environment, health and safety, augmenting our already impressive network with leaders who can drive cultural change. Our expert and experienced consultants, backed by an in-house research team, have a strong track record of placing senior executives in EHS jobs at world-leading organizations.

​We work with a range of companies on HSE Manager jobs across a wide range of disciplines including;

  • Construction

  • Build Environment

  • Manufacturing

A typical HSE Manager role would have you responsible for the promotion of a positive health and safety culture within an organization. The wide remit of the role will include the evaluation of day-to-day business operations through the undertaking of a range of audits and assessments, the outcome of which will help you determine where improvements to health and safety can be made. You will ensure that safety policies and procedures are adopted and adhered to by the workforce and that the organization comply with the appropriate health and safety legislation that is required. Using your knowledge and skills you will plan, lead, monitor and review protective and preventative safety measures.​

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A sustainability hub and one of the largest financial ​centres in the world, London has been the ideal home for Acre's HQ since 2003.

Coming in as the number one Sustainable City in the 2018 Citizen Centric Cities index, our client base continues to grow, providing new and exciting opportunities continuously.

We advertise new jobs in London daily across health and safety, CR & sustainability, energy and renewables and responsible finance.

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