Location Europe
Job-type Permanent
Salary Voluntary Basis

Acre is working with Diversity in Sustainability to help recruit 8-12 member advisory panel members who believe in Diversity in Sustainability’s theory of change and values. These roles are globally open, the selected members will be working remotely and will help them with the following tasks:

  • Provide strategic direction and input on how to continue to advance the vision, mission and values of Diversity in Sustainability

  • Advise on new priority areas and recommended strategies to address these priority areas

  • Commit to continuous learning to reflect on their role in helping address systemic racism

  • Promote the work of Diversity in Sustainability by representing the organization at speaking engagements

  • Activate networks and support resource mobilization to help Diversity in Sustainability continue to build capacity as a self-sustaining organization and to engage others in the organisation's mission

Roles and responsibilities

Members are expected to participate in (virtual) quarterly Committee meetings and contribute to the Committee’s work. If a Committee member is representing their respective organisation, an alternate is permitted as long as the alternate has similar experience and expertise as the current representative, which will allow them to meaningfully contribute to the work of Diversity in Sustainability.

Estimated time commitment is equivalent to 10-20 hours per year, which includes 4 meetings, with approximately 1 hour of preparation per meeting, and ad hoc requests throughout the year.

Unless otherwise indicated, the advisory committee term is two years.

Selection process

We will select advisory panel members based on a combination of skills, experience, and other diverse attributes, which may include but not be limited to the following criteria:

  • Individuals that identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour (BIPOC)/Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) sustainability practitioners, which could include those who work in the fields of:

    • Community/public affairs

    • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

    • Design - product/graphic/service/packaging/other

    • Diversity, equity and inclusion

    • Education - higher education, outdoor education, youth education

    • Environment, Health and Safety

    • Environmental science and/or engineering

    • Green buildings

    • Indigenous relations

    • International development/relief

    • Law - environmental or social law, policy and/or regulation

    • Philanthropy and not-for-profit (including foundations, associations, social NGOs, campaign/advocacy groups)

    • Renewable energy

    • Responsible investment/investor relations

    • Responsible sourcing/procurement

    • Social enterprise

    • Support/enabling function/organization to one of the roles above (e.g. recruitment, accountancy)

  • Sustainability practitioners who want to be an ally to support BIPOC/BAME sustainability practitioners and are keen to learn from diverse perspectives

  • Individuals who are thought leaders in the field of sustainability or diversity, equity and inclusion or have expertise running international membership organizations, start-ups, or have experience in marketing, finance, governance issues

  • At least two individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 24 years who are BIPOC/BAME, interested in supporting and learning about sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion

  • At least one representative from each country of Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

Interviews will take place virtually in March 2021. Diversity in Sustainability will make every effort to accommodate candidates’ schedules and needs in all parts of the hiring process. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please apply with Diversity in Sustainability directly.

About Diversity in Sustainability

Diversity in Sustainability is a membership organization initiated by diverse sustainability professionals aimed at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field of sustainability. We aim to do this by equipping Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) with the skills, networks and resources to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and just future. Our vision is a sustainable and prosperous world built through equity and representation.