Location New York
Job-type Permanent
Salary $Competitive
Reference 16645

The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is a mission-driven non-profit launched in 2006 and dedicated to creating a more just and sustainable world.

GEC's focus on electronics is due to their recognition that electronics have become increasingly pervasive, finding their way into products within our homes, cars, clothing, toys, and even the watches we wear. While the technologies that rely on electronics can provide tremendous societal good, they are also the source of significant negative environmental and social impacts. GEC's EPEAT ecolabel is the leading Type 1 ecolabel covering products and services from the technology sector.

GEC has 22 full-time remote employees and an annual budget of $5M.

Position Summary

Reporting to the Board of Directors, as CEO, you will be the organization's key executive leader and a strong partner in setting the strategic direction of the organization.

You will take the initiative to devise and implement strategic plans, identify growth strategies, continuously analyze the organization's progress, and work with the Board to ensure that GEC's vision, mission, and priorities remain relevant.

Working closely with GEC leadership, you will resolve key policy decisions, create and monitor an annual budget, and provide overall management for the organization.

As CEO, you will also be establishing relationships of mutual benefit with diverse stakeholders of relevance to the organization and encouraging others to do the same. You will serve as the spokesperson and public face of the organization, representing GEC to a variety of audiences, including government agencies and officials, community leaders, and other partners.


Collaborate effectively and credibly with GEC's diverse group of stakeholders.

A critical challenge for the long-term success of GEC is the CEO's ability to establish and maintain collaborative and productive relationships with a range of stakeholders, including electronics manufacturers, purchasing organizations, government, international partners, and environmental advocacy groups.

Lead a strategic and mission-focused expansion of the organization.

GEC's key programs are on a growth trajectory that is expected to continue in line with the organization's strategic planning effort.

As CEO, you will ensure that these organizational priorities are accomplished by its highly competent and efficient staff team.

You will strategically expand the mission success of the organization by exploring roles for GEC in various product categories; leading the organization's ongoing international expansion, in identifying new ways to convene environmental thought leadership; and in financially growing the organization by finding and implementing revenue streams.

Lead as a partner with GEC's Board of Directors.

GEC's Board of Directors, nine experienced individuals who are leaders in their respective fields, is highly engaged and committed to its mission.

Over the past several years, the Board has established a professional and resilient governance foundation and you will be well-positioned to develop strong, productive relationships and work collaboratively with the Chair and all Board members on high-level organizational strategy.

Raise GEC's visibility by serving as its external representative and by growing its marketing and branding efforts.

The incoming CEO will serve as a high-quality representative of and ambassador for GEC and its programs and will bring considerable political skill and polish to the role. S/he will regularly interact with the media and will participate in meetings with stakeholder groups, environmental organizations, and others, raising GEC's profile in relevant communities and among the general public.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Executive-level leadership experience combining both for-profit and non-profit settings highly desired

  • Experience managing a multi-million-dollar organization and/or business units and the acumen to grow them substantially.

  • Skill to identify non-conventional ways to meet organizational objectives in a highly politicized environment.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and nimble ability to grow programs and diversify revenue streams.

  • Proven ability to bring diverse individuals and groups together to craft solutions and strategies.

  • Demonstrated ease in making complex decisions while exhibiting a leadership style that inspires, empowers, and actively seeks engagement and input from staff.

  • A compelling and trusted public presence to amplify the potential of sustainable electronics.

  • Experience with sustainable procurement, sustainable electronics, and/or eco-labels highly desired.

  • Experience with federal executive branch agencies and/or on Capitol Hill is highly desired.

  • International experience and an interest in global expansion is highly desired.

Global Electronics Council is made up of technology geeks, procurement practitioners, ecolabels experts, and relationship builders, all dedicated to sustainability for a connected future.

Global Electronics Council provides Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to all employees and applicants. Employment decisions are based on the skills and qualifications of candidates. Candidates will be free from discrimination based on characteristics protected by law such as race, religion, color, national origin, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, Vietnam Era- or disabled-veteran status, or the presence of a physical, mental, or sensory disability.

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