Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £70,000 - £80,000 + Excellent Benefits
Reference 16581

Why are you here?

Hopefully, it's because…

  • You're an experienced technology professional ready for a new challenge, and you believe that you can make an impact in a purposeful business that's scaling quickly.

  • You're passionate about driving a digital workplace strategy that engages employees, promotes collaboration, and amplifies the business's success.

  • You're excited by the opportunity to lead the development of a team that will be a core part of an organisation and will change the way an entire business operates and functions across the globe.

If you're nodding along, it sounds like you're in the right place. We'll tell you why we're here.

We're commercially minded, but we want to make an impact. We want sustainable futures for all; our clients, society, and the planet we call home. We deliver on our ambitions by finding and developing purpose-driven people who can cultivate sustainable, safe, ethical, and inclusive organisations.

As governmental and consumer pressure heightens, businesses need to make significant changes. More and more organisations require sustainability-minded employees for every role in every department. Acre is growing fast and working hard to help organisations to be better and deliver on their sustainability goals.

As we scale our business, we're working hard to ensure that our entire tech ecosystem keeps pace with Acre's growth and external advances in technology.

We believe that we can enable the success of our people, based in London, Amsterdam, New York & Singapore, by providing them with the most relevant and impactful technologies and promoting more innovative ways of working.

What will the new Director of Data & Technology be responsible for?

Acre's growing Data & Technology function aspires to provide the business with a fully integrated, process efficient and intuitive platform which fuels continuous growth and success. Reporting to Acre's Chief Executive, your core responsibilities will include:

  • Developing & delivering a robust regional Data and Technology (D&T) strategy: You'll create a compelling vision and ambitious strategy for D&T within Acre, which will encompass our CRM and its depth of functionality, our digital infrastructure on Office 365 and Azure, and our various collaboration platforms. In partnership with Acre's leadership team, you'll ensure that our people fully embrace this vision and maintain a consistently high standard across all of our offices. You'll take ultimate accountability for the execution and delivery of this strategy.

  • Driving efficiency and improvement across all functions through a best-in-class digital foundation: You'll support the needs and operations of Acre across all teams and regions, working with departmental leaders to identify the need for new systems, upgrades, and re-configurations. It's vital that our central functions, including Marketing, Operations, Finance and HR, can access an exceptional tech stack that enables them to reach their objectives.

  • Ensuring excellence in adoption and training: Your team will champion a culture of excellent technology engagement and promote the benefits of high-quality data habits. Our goal is to boost the productivity and success of all of our teams through our use of technology. In partnership with Acre's Performance Team, you'll devise and deliver a tech training programme that invites high levels of adoption, satisfaction, and genuine understanding of the advantages gained via engaging with data and technology.

  • Leading a high performing team: You'll lead and develop the D&T team to support business growth. You'll serve as a trusted thinking partner and mentor and work closely with your team to drive their continuous improvement and maximise their value to the business. You'll oversee the resourcing strategy for the function and leverage Acre's Performance Team and leadership philosophies to attract, develop and retain talent in line with your plan.

  • Creating and owning Acre's annual D&T budget: You'll work closely with Acre's Finance Director and your senior team to develop a yearly budget. You'll be responsible for Acre's D&T investment approach, including managing the tender process about IT hardware, networks and security, telephony, software solutions and beyond.

  • Managing our existing Technology infrastructure and supplier relationships: You will also oversee relationships with critical external technology and consultancy providers. Your team will be responsible for administration/support and maintenance of all IT infrastructure either directly or through third parties.

  • Delivery of projects on time and budget: You'll ensure that user requirements are met and that stakeholder needs are balanced and managed, often across multiple regions and departments.

  • Leading our approach to Data Protection: With support from Acre's Compliance Team, you will be responsible for ensuring systems and processes comply with the latest Data Protection and Privacy legislation and best practice. Your team will work with the business to understand essential data requirements and ensure that these can be delivered. You will ensure Acre's company data remains secure by keeping up to date on the latest cyber security threats and ways to guard against them on an organisation-wide scale.

To succeed in this role, what will you need?

  • You'll be people-oriented: You will work with Acre's senior leadership team and speak to a range of internal and external stakeholders daily, so you'll need to be great at building relationships.

  • You'll be determined: You will have a strong sense of purpose and a resolve to overcome obstacles and challenges until the job is done.

  • You'll be an experienced data and technology professional: You will be Acre's expert on data and technology, so you will need to have plenty of experience to draw upon

The following skills will also be necessary:

  • Proven experience working in a similar role - building, leading, and managing a cross-functional technology team

  • Effective stakeholder management experience - dealing with stakeholders at various levels of the organisation and with varying levels of expertise

  • Confident communication skills - negotiation, persuasion, selling ideas

  • The flexibility to switch between analytical and strategic thinking

  • Project management and change management experience

  • The ability to champion digital productivity and drive adoption initiatives


Relevant experience would be:

  • The recruitment or other professional service industries

  • Working in high/fast growth organisations

  • CRM integrations and data migrations

  • Exposure to Microsoft Office 365, Windows Azure, Powershell, analytics tools, automation, project management software, marketing technologies & CMS integrations

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data protection, privacy, GDPR policy management

  • The development of an organised workplace support process (e.g., ticketing/service desk)

  • Commercial reporting and business analytics

  • Devising avenues for the monetisation of digital assets

What can you expect from Acre?

​​You'll be working in a supportive, development-driven environment. This means that we'll work with you to form an 'Alliance' whereby we'll let you know what we hope to get from you in your role, but we'll also ask you what we can do to help you develop and progress your career in return. ​

When it comes to helping tackle some of the world's greatest social and environmental issues, we're a large team of very passionate individuals. With that, we strive to embody our values of:

  • Collaboration: We trust each other and work together because we believe that collectively, we can achieve more.

  • Innovation: We apply curiosity and creativity to everything we do, learning by asking the right questions to find innovative and forward-thinking solutions for our clients and our business.

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves to the same high standards we hold society to.

  • Courage: We embrace the power of vulnerability and transparency. We are brave in our conversations, will challenge directly and are courageous about doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

If you're ambitious to be commercially successful and create an inspiring legacy, you're in the right place. Acre is a place where you can prosper and drive real, meaningful change.

So, do our ambitions align? Let's create change, together.

Apply, or contact our Founder, Andy Cartland, at ac@acre.com, or Anna Keen, our Performance Director, at anna.keen@acre.com.