Location London
Job-type Interim
Salary £/$/€Competitive
Reference 16895
Category USA EUR

What are your ambitions?

We don't mind going first... We're commercially minded, but we want to make an impact. We want brighter futures for all; our clients, society and the environment. We want a world that's safe, ethical, inclusive, and sustainable. From time to time, people hear that and say, "That sounds like a nice ambition." But what we do and what we stand for isn't nice; it's urgent, and it's important.

After all, sustainability and climate change are at the forefront of everyone's mind. The planet urgently needs us to change our ways. How are we going to fix it without the right people finding the right solutions?

Heightened governmental and consumer pressure means that businesses need to make big changes. So, more and more, organisations require sustainability-minded employees, for every role, in each department and skill set.

We live our ambitions by specialising in finding those people. - those who will go on to empower their organisations to meet net-zero, cut carbon emissions, finance essential infrastructure projects and create the innovative technologies required to build a brighter future for us all.

So, what about you - what are your ambitions?

Right now, we're experiencing incredible levels of growth. Our rapidly growing client base - everywhere from established corporations and public institutions, to growing specialist companies and NGOs who focus entirely on creating environmental and/or social impact - is looking to tackle these problems head-on right now and needs a recruitment partner that is well-versed in these markets. Fortunately, we have been doing this a long time - for almost twenty years - so we know how to clearly identify what our clients are looking to achieve and the solutions that will get them there.

More and more clients are asking us to help them design a business strategy and organisational structure which effectively integrates sustainability into every facet of their operating model. Fast-growing, impact-focused SMEs are also seeking our support to scale effectively whilst maintaining an alignment of profit and purpose, which is key to their enduring success.

We are looking for somebody to support us through the first phase of this project, to manage the advisory work already coming into our business, improve our collateral and business intelligence tools and help us decide what our advisory business could and should look like in the future.

What will you do in this role?

  • Work with colleagues in our recruitment business to understand the needs and expectations of our clients, and create commercial solutions to exceed them.

  • Manage two analysts to produce high-quality data insights and collateral to support our recruitment business with business development, as well as delivering advisory processes.

  • Manage all projects from inception to completion including crafting proposals, identifying and assigning appropriate resources, establishing contractual arrangements, and ensuring prompt and professional completion.

  • Work with business leaders to identify and lead on projects which assist in scoping additional opportunities in sectors or regions.

  • Scope out and develop our longer-term Acre Advisory service through competitor analysis, product development and pricing, and financial modelling. This will be aligned with our annual planning process.

  • Support and create initiatives which can feed into our advisory service offering and business development decks, such as our bi-annual salary census.

What experience will we need from you?

  • Understanding and experience in designing and delivering projects relating to human capital for a variety of organisations. This will include, but won't be limited to, organisational design, business and competitor intelligence.

  • Leading commercial engagements with blue-chip clients from pitching through to delivery.

  • Ability to research, design and compare business models at a commercial level.

  • Able to operate effectively at an executive level, both within your own organisation and others.

  • An understanding of how to structure and resource advisory businesses to include different operating models.

  • A passion for working in the sustainability space and assisting organisations in finding commercial solutions to real-world problems.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a rapidly growing organisation and support the development of a new business unit, creating impact at scale. Using our unique global network and unrivalled track record, you will be working at the forefront of the private sector's transition to a more sustainable economic model, as well as partnering with companies, non-profit and public sector institutions to achieve their purpose and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

So, do our ambitions align?

If you have the drive, skills and experience outlined above and share our sense of purpose, we'd love to hear from you. Please apply directly below, and get in touch with Ellen Rutherford at Ellen.Rutherford@acre.com with any specific questions.