25th April 2018 1:00 pm

X Comms (The Crowd)

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X Comms is the latest in The Crowd’s X-series designed to explore exponential, disruptive and transformative new ways of doing business. For X-Comms, we’ll be investigating innovative and radically new thinking, methods, digital tools, platforms and technologies for corporate communications and sustainability reporting.

We are entering an era of unprecedented, digitally empowered customer-centricity, one in which the nature and power dynamics of the relationship between companies and their customers, is fundamentally shifting. The conversation is changing. Message delivery models are transforming. Expectations are evolving. And old ways of managing corporate communications and sustainability reporting, just don’t cut it anymore. Additionally, the concept of “the customer” itself is morphing and expanding to include ALL stakeholders in a global, socially-integrated, always-connected, hyper-personalised and increasingly non-hierarchical business world.

X Comms seeks to showcase the latest thinking, innovations and best practices for changing the narrative, changing the delivery medium and empowering a transformative new relationship between business and society. It will explore the psychological and behavioural science around influencing and changing stakeholder behavior and engagement. It will demonstrate how companies can generate real business benefits by adopting a more tightly integrated approach to communications, marketing and sustainable business – one that boldly places purpose at the front and centre of messaging and fundamentally alters the relationship between companies and their customers and stakeholders.

The programme on the day is a mix of inspiring keynotes, high level panels, peer roundtable discussions and structured networking.

The audience for X Comms is carefully curated, with senior attendees invited based on their role type and their organisation.

Please drop an email if you’d like to find out more, or apply for a place below.

There will be two sessions at X Comms where the audience break into moderated round table discussions in groups of 10-12, each running for 45 minutes.

Roundtable topics will be announced closer to the event, when accepted applicants will be asked to choose which roundtables they would like to be on.

You can apply to attend this exciting event here.

Event Details

From: 25th April 2018 1:00 pm    To: 25th April 2018 7:00 pm

 Location: Chartered Insurance Institute, 20 Aldermanbury, London, EC2V 7HY

Chartered Insurance Institute, 20 Aldermanbury, London, EC2V 7HY

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