Acre Frameworks

The development pathway for purpose driven professionals

We empower leaders to develop business capability within purpose driven professions through behavioral assessment and data-driven development solutions. Our methodology supports individuals and teams to make impact and deliver a safe, sustainable future.

Upskilling the purpose driven professionals

It takes more than technical expertise to succeed in purposeful roles, but there’s a shortage of individuals with the skills to drive change and deliver business outcomes. Acre Frameworks is a ground-breaking assessment and development solution designed to tackle this skill gap head-on.

A platform co-designed by industry

Our competency frameworks are built in collaboration with the most experienced business leaders to ensure that our assessment and development outcomes are transformational. Our HSE advisory panel includes over 100 industry leaders, and we are creating communities in other specialist functions.

Developing people and driving change

By gathering objective data on an individual's behavioural preferences, and mapping it back to our unique competency framework, we provide focused feedback to inform development. Through structured coaching and training we develop self-awareness, enable self-leadership and support skill acquisition.

Acre Frameworks clients

Benefits of Acre Frameworks:

  • Drives fact-based development discussions with team members
  • Analyses and improves behavioural competencies and team performance
  • Assists in the development of job specifications and aids hiring decisions
  • Improves staff retention through investment in career development
  • Identifies rising stars and develops them towards greater success

We’ve catered for all calibre of teams

Participants can be assessed at one of two levels. The Fundamentals Level is designed for professionals between entry and pre-management level. The Leadership Level is for professionals operating in management or executive positions.

Actions based on insight

From the objective data captured in the Acre Frameworks assessment we work with individuals to raise their level of self awareness and identify critical development needs.

Benchmark against your industry

The Acre Frameworks Dashboard allows you to compare your teams data to industry benchmarks we have captured from assessing over 400 H&S professionals.

Interact with insight visually

The Acre Frameworks Dashboard allows clients full visibility of the data captured during the Frameworks assessment and the ability to manipulate the data to understand existing and potential team dynamics at the click of a mouse.

Recognise skill gaps

Through analysing the data drawn from the team assessment, an Acre Frameworks Development Coach will support you to identify skill gaps across your team and will recommend additional development support.

Book a live demonstration of Acre Frameworks

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