RB, the world's leading consumer health and hygiene Company, has chosen to exclusively partner with Acre, to recruit for a range of roles in safety, health, environment and wellbeing across the globe.


Our approach is to embed clear global requirements in all areas of our operations, develop externally recognised management systems and have high-profile commitment from senior leaders. This has helped us develop best practices and make significant progress in Health and Safety since 2002.

Global Initiatives

- A behavioural safety programme targeting key accident trends

- Process safety management programme to focus on catastrophic risk

- Site-led annual safety weeks, including safety outside the workplace and effect of accidents on families

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    RB's Safety
    Commitment # 1

    Zero fatalities and / or serious accidents

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    RB's Safety
    Commitment # 2

    100% of manufacturing sites with certified EHS management systems

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    RB's Safety
    Commitment # 3

    Continued reducing in Lost Work-Day accident rates

RB is different: 'good enough' isn't good enough here.

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    Regional EHS Manager – Singapore

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      Regional EHS Manager – Dubai

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      Global Sustainability Director – Slough

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    Regional Head of Environment - Parsippany

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Global Career Opportunities

RB work with the best people to challenge conventional thinking and keep giving people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes, through their brands like Nurofen, Strepsils, Mucinex, Dettol, Lysol, Finish and Vanish.

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