Creating the World's Most Sustainable Airport in Partnership with Acre

Following the government’s recent Heathrow expansion announcement, Heathrow has chosen to partner exclusively with Acre, the leader in sustainability and safety recruitment, to build the team of experts who will help make it the world’s most sustainable airport.

Global Career Opportunities

The way in which Heathrow mitigates the impacts of an expanded Heathrow upon communities and the local natural environment will be a fundamental part of their ambition to be a leading sustainable business. Where they cannot avoid impacts, they have set out to reduce them, to compensate communities and to enhance the natural environment for people and wildlife.

If the thought of leading this excites you, then we encourage you to apply. In return, they offer fantastic benefits including a very generous bonus scheme and development opportunities to take your career even further:

Heathrow Jobs

Heathrow's Vision

As the UK's biggest international airport, some 80 airlines fly direct to over 185 destinations in about 84 countries worldwide. And it’s not only passengers. In terms of the value of the goods they handle, they’re the UK’s largest port.

If given the go-ahead, a three-runway Heathrow will provide up to 740,000 flights a year. That’s enough for Heathrow to compete on an equal footing with Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. It also provides sufficient hub-airport capacity until at least 2040.

While they already have a number of programs in place to reduce the impact on their local community, as part of their submission to the Airports Commission they are committed to working harder for the community across 10 areas, which are:

  • Reduce aircraft noise and lessen noise impacts for people under flight paths by encouraging the world’s quietest aircraft to use Heathrow, routing aircraft higher over London, delivering periods with no aircraft overhead and allocating £250m to provide noise insulation.

  • Treat those most affected by a third runway fairly by proposing compensation of 25% above market value, all legal fees, and stamp duty costs for a new home for anyone whose home needs to be purchased.

  • Keep CO2 emissions within UK climate change targets and play our part in meeting local air quality limits by incentivising cleaner aircraft, supporting global carbon trading and increasing public transport use.

  • Increase the proportion of passengers using public transport to access Heathrow to more than 50% by supporting new rail, bus and coach schemes to improve public transport to Heathrow and considering the case for a congestion charge.

  • Protect more than 100,000 existing local jobs and create 100,000 new jobs nationwide by developing our local employment, apprenticeships and skills programmes and supporting a supply chain throughout the UK including during construction.