At Acre, our aspirations for change are only surpassed by our actions.

Through the Acre Foundation – our charitable arm – and our internal sustainability endeavors, we dedicate time to building awareness about, raising funds for and giving back to a range of prominent social and environmental causes.

Why is internal sustainability so important to us?

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We are a business with purpose

Acre exists to:

Create systemic change for our planet and society
by activating people’s potential

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We are values driven

Our values ground us.

Rather than being up on a wall or printed in a handbook, our values are in our DNA. Front and centre of everything we do, you’ll feel them in the air in our offices, you’ll find them present in our conversations and at the core of our communications.

Wherever you are in the world, whichever team or office you’re in, you’ll find we, drive impact, show we care, achieve more together and stand up for what we believe in.

Read our most recent employee engagement survey:

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We are a B-Corp

Operating from offices in London, New York, Amsterdam and Singapore, Acre became a certified B-Corp in 2022. This recognition was achieved through a high level of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Read more about our B-Corp journey:

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Meet Our Internal Sustainability Team

What Our Team Says

  • Internal Recruitment - Richard Kent Quote

    Before being approached about working at Acre, I’d never considered that I could combine my experience as a recruiter with my interests in sustainability. It’s great that I can spend my working day making the world a better place.

    Richard - Senior Research Consultant

  • Internal Recruitment - Andy Cartland Quote

    As a business we work hard to foster a culture that allows people to bring their whole selves to work; we know that it creates a kinder, fun, and more engaging place to be. We should all be in an environment where we can express ourselves and celebrate who we are.​As someone who suffered anxiety when I was about 15 through to my 30s, I know how hard it is to be productive if your wellbeing is suffering. I want to role model that it’s beneficial to talk about how you are feeling, and you can be comfortable to do so here.

    Andy - Founder

  • Internal Recruitment - Catherine Harris Quote

    Acre has very generously allowed me to use company time to volunteer at the Future-Fit foundation for three years now. It's enriching for me and it's enriching for Acre and, of course it's supporting an organisation with an incredibly good cause. I'll never forget when I first asked Richard Wright (Acre’s CEO) if he was happy for me to take part - he didn’t even hesitate. I think it was a proud moment for him, and I know for me with nearly 3 years now as a Trustee – it’s something I’m very proud of too!

    Catherine - Director, Sustainable Business, North America


Featured Content

  • Faces of Acre - The Value of the Alliance

    In our ongoing 'Faces of Acre' series, we sat down with Anna Keen, Acre’s Performance Director and founder of our Learning and Development business, Acre Frameworks, to discuss the Alliance process which is conducted as part of the development of Acre employees. Anna discussed the value of the Alliance process, her passion for developing people and why the Alliance is such an important part of the development of people and the success of Acre.  

    Faces of Acre - The Value of the Alliance
  • Faces of Acre - Protecting our Oceans

    In our ongoing 'Faces of Acre' series, we sat down with Jack Mulloy, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing, to discuss his pro bono work as a business developer for the marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd. Jack shared with us the passion he has had for marine conservation since childhood, the incredible work he has already done to contribute to the protection of our oceans and how his role at Acre aligns with his work at Sea Shepherd. 

    Faces of Acre - Protecting our Oceans
  • Faces of Acre: The Future-Fit Foundation

    In our latest Faces of Acre instalment, we sat down with Catherine Harris, Director of Sustainable Business in our New York office, to discuss her pro bono work as a board member for the Future-Fit Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop the tools companies and investors need to make better decisions in pursuit of a flourishing future.

    Catherine shared with us the work she takes part in for the Future-Fit Foundation, the incredible projects that Future-Fit are working on, and why giving back means so much.

    Faces of Acre: The Future-Fit Foundation
  • Accursed Mountains Fundraising Climb

    The Acre Foundation is Acre's charitable arm, with a focus on making an impact on people, communities and the environment. In October 2019, 12 Acre employees travelled to Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, to trek The Accursed Mountain range to raise money for Ocean Generation (formerly, Plastic Oceans UK). This video captures the team throughout their 4-day journey.

    Accursed Mountains Fundraising Climb

More Information

Internal Sustainability at Acre
Areas of Focus

​Pro Bono Work & Volunteering

We believe in giving back and empowering our employees to make a difference. At Acre, our team members can dedicate two days per month to volunteer for causes they care about, whether environmental or social. This initiative not only supports the communities we live in but also provides our team with opportunities to contribute to meaningful work. We’re proud to foster a culture where our team can use their skills and time to drive positive change.

Charitable Giving & Events

Charitable giving is a vital part of Acre's commitment to making a difference. Since 2021, we've raised over £57,000 for charity partners like Ocean Generation and Humanitas. These organisations address critical environmental and social issues, and we believe in using the power of our network to help them make significant strides. Through various fundraising events and initiatives, like our Sustainable Drinks events, we engage our employees and stakeholders in supporting these important causes, reinforcing our desire to make an impact on the world


At Acre, we take decarbonisation seriously. Working with Climate Partner, we measure our carbon footprint and are committed to publishing our results transparently. Engaging our employees in this journey is crucial; it empowers them to reduce their carbon footprint both at work and in their personal lives.

Sustainable Procurement & Being a B-Corp

As a certified B-Corp, Acre is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Our sustainable procurement practices are a key part of this commitment. We ensure our suppliers adhere to our code of conduct. Our B-Corp status reflects our dedication to doing business in a way that benefits people and the planet, and sustainable procurement is a critical component of that mission.