Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £45,000 - £50,000
Reference 18785
Category EUR USA

You're handed a blank canvas to build a strategy, choose and onboard your marketing stack and website, and heaps of warm and untapped data waiting to be turned into leads. Does that sound like a welcome challenge or your worst nightmare?

As a person who thrives working with systems and structure - we'd get it if working with a blank slate wasn't your thing - but this won't be the right role for you. There is no attachment to the way things have always been done at Acre; currently undergoing a digital transformation, embracing new technologies and unlocking data, it's time to figure out the piece of the marketing puzzle.

Why is now the right time for a digital transformation, you might ask… Acre's purpose is to create systemic change for our planet and society. We do that by connecting the right people with roles where they can drive sustainable change within organisations globally. The more people we reach, the more impact we can make - and we know that the key to enhancing our reach is digital. You can learn more about what we do and what it's like to work at Acre here.

What will the role look like?

You'll be responsible for creating and delivering Acre's first-ever digital marketing strategy. You'll work closely alongside our Marketing department and Data & Technology team, with a vision for a future where Acre works from a best-in-class digital marketing tech stack.


Your initial remit, which we foresee being for your first 6-12 months, will be to lead on the build of a new digitally optimised website for Acre and represent marketing throughout our digital transformation project. You'll recommend and onboard the right marketing technologies, streamlining data into our new database and website in a way that will allow for more leads to be generated and nurtured and for sales and marketing to collaborate effectively.

Whilst you're building a foundation, you'll also be responsible for the following:

  • Managing the current web platform (provided by Volcanic), but more importantly, scoping out our ideal system and platform and overhauling the company website. We don't expect you to be a web developer here. Still, you'll need to deeply understand how the system works, what you need it to do to maximise lead generation and engagement globally and find a platform and supplier which will work for us.

  • Building customer profiles and defining audience segmentation ahead of building your new digital marketing strategy.

  • You'll look after the ongoing performance of SEO, digital channels (such as Linkedin and job boards) and email marketing, and implement any quick wins or fixes to keep momentum whilst we build new systems. You'll be supported by an SEO consultancy and our in-house marketing team to do all this, so you're not alone!

When suitable systems and technologies are in place, you'll be responsible for growing Acre's digital footprint by generating and nurturing leads. You'll have the support of a team who will create great content; your role will be to utilise it to drive engagement.

Your ongoing remit and responsibilities will be:

  • Generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and channelling them through a system to become sales qualified by the business development teams

  • Managing the website, increasing SEO, optimising the flow of users to maximise conversions

  • Ensuring that all business units, territories and products are incorporated into the digital marketing strategy, with individual plans if needed

  • Managing all paid advertising online, including job board strategy, social media ads and PPC

  • Social listening and social channel growth

  • Customer profiling and audience segmentation

  • Running digital campaigns encompassing emails, automation, advertising and whatever else you think you'd like to explore!

  • Working alongside the data and technology team to report on how our data & digital marketing is performing. You will need to be able to tell the business what we are missing, how data could be harnessed more effectively, and how you're looking to increase conversions.

  • Unlocking ROI in our data from other marketing activity

Having experience in all of the above is important to this role. To highlight a few key things you'll need to be confident with:

  • Prior experience overseeing the rebuild of complex websites, databases and onboarding technology

  • Working with tools such as (or similar to) salesforce and salesforce marketing cloud and being a dab hand with google analytics, SEO and PPC advertising

  • Being able to tell a story with data and make complex reports and trends understandable; you'll need to be able to identify trends and demonstrate ROI for marketing campaigns

  • Experience working for a recruitment company or similar B2B organisation would be helpful but isn't essential

So, does that sound like a puzzle you'd like to solve?

Apply directly or contact Acre's Director of Marketing, Rachel, at rachel.frost@acre.com. Don't worry if your CV isn't ready; we can sort out the details later.