Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £Negotiable
Reference 19127

Cobalt is key to the energy transition - it is a critical component in the production of Lithium-ion batteries, which are the dominant technology for storing energy in electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. Due to its unique properties and the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, cobalt is a critical mineral in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Cobalt Institute (CI) is a non-profit trade association composed of producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt. The CI promotes the sustainable and responsible use of cobalt in all its forms. Acre and the cobalt institute have partnered to seek and appoint a new Director General.

In this role, you will lead the overall strategic and operational management of the organisation and provide oversight and stewardship across all teams and work undertaken, including Communications, Public Affairs, Regulatory & Scientific, and Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability. You will shape how the organisation can be most effective and impactful in meeting the needs of external stakeholders and members in the complex political and regulatory space in which the CI is involved and has influence.

In this role, you will be:

  • Developing a strategy to deliver the long-term strategy of the Institute coupled with effective people management, including the training, development, mentoring and coaching of team members

  • Overseeing and developing work programmes ensuring they are as effective and efficient as possible and appropriately interconnected and streamlined

  • Performing the duties expected as a leader in the Executive Management Team, including financial management, ensuring good governance, and ensuring information systems are relevant and compliant

  • Establishing best practice systems to ensure the Institute is compliant with all relevant regulations

  • Communicating proactively, building good working relationships and providing information and advice to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders on a range of industry-sensitive issues

  • Driving, innovating, and challenging each key working relationship to achieve agreed objectives

This role will be fundamental to the effectiveness of the organisation and, as such, requires skills and expertise in operations, financial management, leadership and staff management, stakeholder management and strategic planning.

You will bring

  • Proven experience working in government affairs, public policy, and/or regulatory affairs role

  • A strong knowledge of the metals and mining industry and an ability to deal with the unique challenges in this sector

  • Strategic guidance and support on sustainability and responsible sourcing goals and practices

  • Skills and knowledge to act as an advocate and knowledge centre for the cobalt industry on all cobalt-related issues and challenges relating to sustainability

  • Experience in playing a central role in industry and acting as a force for change, able to drive a roadmap against strategic goals and KPIs at pace

  • A relevant degree/masters/qualification in politics, government relations, policy and public affairs, or social policy

The Cobalt Institute is an organisation delivering long-term value for its members and those operating in the cobalt value chain in some of the most complex geographies globally.

This role will be key to unlocking new opportunities for improvements in many areas of sustainability, climate change and governance. You will be given significant autonomy and will play a key role in creating something ambitious and holistic in partnership with an incredible global network.

Apply today, or contact Dan Bond at dan.bond@acre.com with any questions.