Location City of Brussels
Job-type Permanent
Salary €Competitive
Reference BBBH12267_1623409215

Amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, bringing together over 2,400 retailers, importers, brands and associations from more than 40 countries.

Strategic context

Amfori's Vision
A world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone.

Amfori's Mission

Amfori enables organisations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally.

Their vision is of a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. A world where organisations are able to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. They call this Trade with Purpose, which entails the following:

1. Build a future-fit organisation

Amfori will continue to be strong, flexible and relevant, ensuring their members' voices shape their strategic approach and activities. They will build their membership and their geographic presence to drive change at scale.

2. Support members through insight, expertise and influence

Amfori will increase their capacity to monitor and predict trends and developments that impact their members. They will continue to provide world-class tools that enable their members to anticipate trends and effectively manage their supply chains. Amfori will create mutually beneficial partnerships that support their members on their issues.

3. Inspire action around the world

Amfori will continue to show how individuals and corporations can promote open and responsible trade, acting as a beacon of good practise, pioneering meaningful trade policies and developing a network of ambassadors.

4.Grow high-performing people to become the leaders of a sustainable tomorrow

Amfori will continue to embed sustainability in their members' organisational DNA; build capability and capacity, and develop best practice business models that enable organisations to achieve their goals.

5. Prosper by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and increasing human prosperity for all

Through Amfori's combined membership, they will reach a tipping point where business can positively change society, drive significant impact towards the SDGs and create profitable businesses.

Culture & Values

  • Leadership: Be a leading force for positive change

  • Collaboration: Foster collaborative networks that empower stakeholders worldwide to achieve a common vision

  • Excellence: Deliver the best they can in everything they do

Main Responsibilities

  • Manage Amfori's environmental programme: Climate Change, Chemicals (today mainly applying to Textile), Wastes and other environmental indicators.

  • Oversee related services.

  • Ensure the growth of environmental services towards more industrial sectors covered, more members, more producers and a relevant service provider community.

  • SPOC for any internal and external query related to the environmental programme, including the services proposed by the environmental programme but managed by a different Programme/Project lead.

Continuous improvement:

  • Identify opportunities to continuously improve Amfori's environmental programmes and oversee its implementation.

  • Manage the business' environmental programme Services Providers community.

  • Upkeep and oversee the high-level quality of environmental services.

New services development:

  • Provide Amfori's Strategy & Innovation and Public Affairs departments with information/signals regarding environmental services threats or opportunities.

  • Support Strategy & Innovation departments through the piloting phase of new tools/services.

  • Promotion of the environmental programme.

  • Represent Amfori's environmental programme both internally and externally.

  • Engage with relevant stakeholders and expert industry organisations and institutions.

  • Internal dissemination of environmental expertise.

  • Share expertise and support on environment-related matters with other teams and departments across the business.

Key challenges

  • Delivering Amfori's environmental programmes with the expected level of quality and integrity.

  • Increasing internal and external awareness of Amfori's environmental services.

  • Active stakeholder engagement to allow the business to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this area.

  • Identifying issues which are of equal importance to most, if not all, members.


  • Provide feedback and reliable advice to internal and external stakeholders, including members, producers, service providers and Amfori staff members via interviews, webinars, phone meetings, audits, conferences, workshops, project groups, site visits

  • Share research and insight across the industry on environmental sciences-related topics

  • Actively engage with members

  • Share relevant data from/with IT, Membership and Monitoring teams.


  • Keep up-to-date guidance documents, tools and procedures, including:

    • New audits, assessments and self-assessment questionnaires.

    • New technical guidance regarding on-site activities (environmental consulting, chemicals audits, environmental assessments) and on-line self-assessment questionnaires.

    • New workshops, eLearning courses, best-practice factsheets.

  • Update inventories of environmental programme services provider companies, including new consulting, auditing, wastewater testing, assessing companies and potential new business (e.g. air pollution control, energy consumption reduction).

  • Create strategy and related roadmap for the environmental programme, including all its components.

  • Increase satisfaction on environmental programme usage.

  • Identify and implement opportunities to further enhance Amfori's value proposition, including engagement with key stakeholders in relevant areas.

  • Report internally and externally on the environmental programme's performance.


  • Master's degree in science-related field (environmental)

  • Stem (science/ technology/ engineering/ math) background is an asset

  • At least 5 years' experience in environmental (and chemical) field

  • Extensive knowledge in Environmental Management Systems standards (ISO 14 000, 14064, 5001, …)

  • Experience with working in sourcing regions (China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, …)

  • Industry experience is preferable

  • Auditing experience/skills is an asset

  • People manager and be able to lead a team

  • Experience driving a continuous improvement programme

  • Proven project management skills and experience

  • Collaboration with service providers

  • Familiar with and pleased to work within an international context

  • Thorough working proficiency in English

  • Any other language is an asset

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