Location Singapore
Job-type Permanent
Salary S$250,000 - $350,000 (And Above) + Benefits
Reference 19161
Category EUR USA

What sort of impact do you want to make?

We want brighter futures for all - our clients, our candidates, society, and the environment. We want a safe, ethical, inclusive, and sustainable world. From time to time, people hear that and say, "That sounds like a nice ambition." But what we do and what we stand for is more than nice; it's urgent, and it's important.

Sustainability and climate change are the biggest challenges the global community has faced. The planet urgently needs us to change our ways, and heightened governmental along with consumer pressure means businesses need to make significant changes. Our Sustainable Energy and Clean Tech clients, therefore, need sustainability-minded professionals for every role, department, and skill set.

At Acre, we live our ambitions by specialising in finding those people - individuals who will go on to empower organisations and create the innovative technologies required to build a brighter future for us all. We believe that creative solutions are needed and that through our research, connections and understanding of the ever-evolving sustainability space, we can create an impact and help other organisations to do the same.

We've been doing this for a long time - twenty years - and have become the global leader in sustainability recruitment and search, with 140 employees globally in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

To help us continue to grow and deliver on these assignments, we seek to appoint a Head of Sustainable Energy and Clean Tech / Principal Consultant. Someone who is inspired by the opportunity to drive meaningful change and would like to do so by helping us grow one of our core markets. As our Singapore office is at an early stage of development, the opportunity exists to contribute to our strategy and to benefit from the growth that lies ahead.

What will your core responsibilities be in this role?

  • Developing a high-performing team: With the support of Acre's Performance Team, you'll ensure your team members are supported to grow and develop. You'll provide them with opportunities that will develop their commercial thinking to accelerate market growth.

  • Revenue and impact: You'll be personally motivated to achieve a strong commercial performance that inspires those around you. You'll think strategically about how to get the greatest return on your time and maximise efficiency, utilising Acre's Research Team and other functions to enable your revenue growth. You'll operate at a place where commercial and sustainable impact meets to achieve the best results possible.

  • Creating, delivering & scaling a commercial market strategy: You'll create a market strategy that articulates a clear vision for growth and aligns with the wider business' commercial and sustainability goals. You'll also take ultimate accountability for achieving your market's revenue and headcount plan.

  • Identify & win new business for Acre: You'll be tenacious about building and nurturing senior-level relationships within your market and will work to leverage these for the benefit of your team and the wider Acre business.

  • Build your brand alongside Acre's: You'll personally deliver strategic marketing initiatives that align with your strategy and help to position you as the 'recruiter of choice' in your market.

What are your skills?

  • You'll be an experienced recruitment consultant in Sustainable Energy and Clean Tech, successfully generating and delivering commercial success and leading high-performing teams.

  • You'll have a substantial understanding of the commercial landscape and key market drivers and risks.

  • You'll have a strong network and record of growing recruitment and/or consulting services in Carbon Markets, Green Infrastructure Origination & Development, Energy Finance or Clean Technologies.

  • You'll be a strategic thinker who enjoys the broad facets of commercial growth, including marketing, learning and development, business planning and execution.

  • You'll have a thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement, with the constant desire to demonstrate drive and exceptional levels of service. You have a passion for instilling and supporting the development of a growth mindset within your team.

Most importantly, you'll care about why we do what we do. You'll be an ambassador of our core values - courage, collaboration, integrity and innovation - and you'll embody them at every opportunity.

What will you get in return?

We set you up for success and invest in in-house support functions and technology solutions to support you and your team to be more efficient, leaving you more time to do what you do best. Some of the ways we'll support you include:

  • Virtual Assistant (VA) Access - to relieve the admin burden and streamline booking interviews, scheduling pre- and post-interview calls, and coordinating diaries with your clients and candidates.

  • Extensive Marketing Support - to produce best-in-class proposals and credible and eye-catching search documents and partner with you to build your brand. Our investments in marketing and brand building take the pain out of business development, ensuring our clients know who you are and how to find you.

  • Operations, Technology & Finance - solutions that alleviate administrative tasks so that you can give your clients and candidates your undivided attention.

  • Research Support - Our experienced team of global research consultants takes the stress out of tricky searches, armed with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to find the candidates you need.

  • Global Opportunities - As an international business, our ambition is to achieve a "One-Acre" culture that capitalises on the spirit of collaboration between all our regions. This means that we encourage international relocation opportunities and secondments that benefit the business and our team members.

If you're ambitious to be both commercially successful and create an inspiring legacy, you're in the right place.

Let's create change together. Apply directly below or contact Acre's Global Talent Partner, Julie Harding, at recruitment@acre.com. Don't worry if your CV isn't quite ready; we can sort out the finer details later.