Location New York
Job-type Permanent
Salary $70,000
Reference 18786
Category USA

How would your friends or colleagues describe you?

Are you the planner? The one in the group chat who convenes the social calendar. You pin everyone down until there's a date in the diary; of course, you know that there needs to be a dairy-free option for your lactose-intolerant friend, and you know all the best spots to go.

Are you the organised one? Your to-do list is safely tucked away in the notes on your phone, your budget is meticulously managed in an excel spreadsheet, and you're always talking about how Trello has changed your life.

Are you the creative one? Whether it's an event you bring to life, a new product brochure or a seamless way of doing things for your team because you know how much time it will save; reflecting on things you've created brings you joy.

If this is starting to sound relatable, you're in the right place.

That place is Acre, the global leader in sustainability recruitment & executive search. Founded in the UK in 2003, with offices now in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore, Acre is an exciting place to be - at the forefront of tackling climate change and doubling in size this year.

The Marketing Coordinator position at Acre is a new role created to support in building Acre's brand in the US market. Being the planner, the creative and the organiser will be the core qualities that make you perfect for the job, as day to day you'd be:

  • Working on Events - With the support of the marketing team based in the London office and your local colleagues, you'll help organise and seamlessly execute events. Whether it's a dinner for 20 clients or a movie night for 100, you'll find great venues, create sustainable events, manage attendees, and partner with our graphic designer to make sure everything looks great when you set up on the day.

  • Posting Jobs - You'll support your team in posting job ads online. As the last set of eyes before things go out, you'll proofread, format and ensure that the jobs look great and you've maximised their reach. You'll create and post content to promote jobs on social media.

  • Managing the US Website, PR & Content - You'll be our 'go-to' website partner in the US. Content will come your way from consultants, clients, our comms team and PR agency, and you'll make sure it looks and sounds excellent when posted on acre.com, and social media. If you spot anything that's not right, you'll flag it and fix it.

  • Providing Ad/Hoc Administrative Support - There is a lot going on at Acre, and you'll be the glue that keeps the US team's marketing together. Your days could be spent supporting a pitch, proofreading documents, or helping to format a PowerPoint presentation before it's put in front of senior clients. You'll need to be comfortable that you're the last line of defence for mistakes.

  • Getting Curious & Trouble-Shooting Issues - You'll hear things like, 'Why isn't my job getting many applications? Why can't I get the text on my pitch to align to the left? How come the website is doing this thing?' day to day.

    You'll know exactly who to raise a ticket with and persevere until the problem is fixed. If you've got ideas for making things run more smoothly - that's even better.

We won't write an enormous list of demands here about what you will and won't have experience in, but you'll need to be organised, tech-savvy, and able to spot a typo from a mile away. Experience using Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Suite, SharePoint, Vimeo, Monday.com or Google Analytics would also be advantageous but not essential.

The Marketing Coordinator position comes with some great benefits, such as:

  • 25 days of paid vacation time per year

  • Flexible working

  • Healthcare

  • 401K

And alongside that:

​​You will develop

We know that as people, we're better when we're constantly learning and developing, so we'll form an 'Alliance' with you, where we let you know what we'd like to get from you during your time at Acre, and then we'll ask you what you need from us. We'll meet you where you're at, as a human, offering you a holistic approach to reaching your goals.

You'll be a person, not a number

We take a long-term approach to supporting our teams' future career paths at Acre and beyond. We'll also invest heavily in your well-being, including initiatives to support physical health, providing access to an Employee Assistance Scheme, and a proactive approach to de-stigmatising mental and emotional health issues.

You'll do some good

A common thing to hear from those who join Acre is, 'I just didn't know that I could put my skills to good use and have a real impact at the same time.' You can bring your purpose to work, and help us to build a sustainable future, together.

Sound Interesting?

If you're as excited about the thought of this role as we are, please get in touch with Sean Desouza at sean.desouza@acre.com. Don't worry if your CV isn't quite ready; we can sort out the details later.