Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £Competitive
Reference 16604

Climate Arc's mission is to accelerate the transition of the world towards meeting global net-zero emissions by no later than 2050 and, in doing so, help to create a sustainable and healthy planet for everyone. Climate Arc is founded on the belief that this can only be achieved if the transition is financed at the scale and speed needed according to the latest climate science, which underscores the importance of near-term action.

Today, the financial system is not on track to deliver, and an acceleration of ambition and speed is urgently needed.

To achieve this, Climate Arc will address the current gaps head-on. It will create a global collaborative platform where critical data and analysis, crucial for financial decision-making, can be shared and refined amongst financiers, corporates, NGOs and governments to achieve the common goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop Climate Arc's sub-strategy for land use and food systems - address the complex task of tackling net zero through the financing of AFOLU solutions.

  • Develop, manage and implement complex research assignments and analytical projects to stakeholders with different financing innovations needed depending on financial viability.

  • Maintain collaborative relationships with Climate Arc's partners and grantees - engaging and advising on research and analysis findings - especially for the nexus of private and public financing and policy interventions.

Key Requirements

  • A commitment to Climate Arc's vision and mission

  • Significant knowledge of and experience in the financial analysis of the food and agriculture sector is desired, such as sell-side or buy-side research on retail, and agriculture sectors with complex supply chains

  • Understanding of the challenges facing financial sector organisations in aligning financing with net-zero and how the barriers can be unlocked

  • Understanding of trends in regulations and policy shifts and their implications on financing opportunities for AFOLU solutions

  • The ability to manage priorities to competing deadlines, thriving on diversity in the role and the opportunity to contribute to the development of a start-up organisation

If you would like to know more about this position, please email your CV to andrew.mullins@acre.com.