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Job-type Permanent
Salary £Negotiable
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Minimum is a Y Combinator-backed start-up, founded to tackle the biggest challenge currently facing humanity: how to get the world to net-zero carbon emissions before it's too late. Minimum has raised a $2.6 million Seed round led by Octopus Ventures to build the sustainability solutions of the future centred around a tool for understanding the carbon footprint of everything.

Minimum's mission is for everyone to always know the carbon footprint of every product and service they buy and sell - for the first time, democratising an understanding of sustainability like calorie labels did for healthy eating.

The first step on this journey is creating the simplest and most effective tools for a business to calculate and manage its carbon footprint.

This already includes:

  • A self-serve tool for organisations to quickly and accurately calculate their carbon footprint.

  • Experience building bespoke software solutions for large complex organisations.

  • A team of sustainability experts with decades of foot-printing experience

  • A dashboard to manage and track progress toward net-zero

The Challenge

Engagement with sustainability has never been higher, which is a great start, but it is still so difficult to do effectively. The world desperately needs accessible tools that allow businesses, individuals, investors, and governments to understand carbon emissions in sufficient depth to help them budget emissions, design reduction strategies, and, in the meantime, immediately start reducing their impact through scientifically-proven carbon offsetting. Minimum is building the tools to help people get started today. These tools will bring sustainability action into reach for everyone in a highly scalable way, thereby closing the gap between sustainability engagement and sustainability action.

The Opportunity

You would be one of a small team of sustainability experts who work closely with Minimum's co-founders. Your role will be to get stuck in calculating carbon footprints, building the technical foot-printing capabilities, working with the Product team to deliver automation to their customers, and growing the Sustainability team. It's highly likely that you would progress in seniority quickly.

You are joining a tight-knit, fast-paced team where everyone knows and cares about each other and what they're working on. You'll report to the James Parker, the founding sustainability lead - but it's likely that you'll interact very frequently with all the wider team.

The Skillset - Essentials

All (or some) of the following:

  • 1-2+ years of experience in sustainability, including regular customer-facing interactions

  • Experience evaluating business carbon footprints and/ or reporting on these in line with globally recognised standards

  • Experience developing stakeholder engagements, including building and managing long-term client relationships

  • Strong analytical and technical capabilities

  • Confident and self-motivated

  • Ability and drive to take ownership of projects

The Skillset - 'Nice to have'

All (or some) of the following:

  • Experience using Economic Input-Output data and models

  • Experience doing product hotspots analysis ideally in a range of industries

  • Familiarity with LCA databases (e.g. ecoinvent)

  • Knowledge of different product manufacturing sectors (consumer goods, automotive, fashion, furniture, electronics) with insights on their sustainability and wider supply chain challenges

  • Familiarity with LCA standards & guidelines, e.g. GHG Product Standard, GHG Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard, PAS 2050, ISO 14067

  • Familiarity with Business Assessment standards, e.g. The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, The Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard

  • Familiarity with reporting and disclosure standards, e.g. CPD Reporting, TCFD Reporting

  • Experience in using life cycle assessment software

  • Academic experience, especially if you have published research papers on any topic (and double points if it's relevant to sustainability!)

What the role will look like - from day one, you'll produce high-level carbon footprint calculations and estimates.

For example:

  • Emissions of a mid-sized professional services company

  • Emissions of each item for the range of a medium-size fashion retailer using Higg MSI

  • The supply chain footprint of a major conglomerate.

  • Guide iterations of the Minimum Corporate Footprint tool calculations, thereby enabling businesses to reach ever-increasing levels of insight in a self-serve setting

  • Assist with engaging with corporate's forward-looking sustainability strategies and journeys to Net-Zero.

  • Engage with prospective clients in the sales process to showcase Minimum's technical carbon expertise

What the role will look like - in the first year, you'll have:

  • Worked alongside the team to build out Minimum's Carbon Consulting team (they are looking to grow the team and hire additional people over the next six months, and significantly more over the next 24 months as they scale rapidly)

  • Helped steer the development of the cutting-edge internal tools and knowledge systems, which they use to calculate and understand the carbon footprints of products & businesses

  • Built your public presence as an expert in the carbon calculation world - whether that's publishing blogs or speaking on expert panels

If this role is of interest, please apply below or contact Jamie Ferguson at Jamie.ferguson@acre.com.