7th August 2017

London ‘will be the world’s greenest city’

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The mayor of London has pledged to make more than 50 per cent of London’s surface area green by 2050 as part of a new environment strategy for the capital.

Sadiq Khan announced measures including a £9million Greener City Fund to transform the capital into the world’s first ‘National Park City’.

He claimed that London could be 50 per cent greener by significantly boosting the use of green roofs and walls in new developments and improving the quality of existing parks and gardens.

The strategy, part of plans to make London the greenest city in the world, is divided into the following areas:

•    Air quality
•    Green infrastructure
•    Climate change mitigation and energy
•    Waste
•    Adapting to climate change
•    Ambient noise

Planning regulations will soon have tougher requirements for developers to include green infrastructure, Mr Khan said, including the use of “rain gardens” and other green architecture.

He claimed the improved standards will help strengthen London’s resilience to flash flooding by providing better natural drainage during downpours.

Mr Khan said: “From our famous Royal Parks, to our much-loved community gardens and urban nature reserves like Woodberry Wetlands, this ‘green infrastructure’ is a vital asset that improves air quality, boosts quality of life, conserves wildlife and attracts thousands of visitors.”

Cash from the new £9m funding will be made available to local groups looking to plant new trees and revamp community areas.

Alongside the plan for boosting London’s greenery, the Environment Strategy also highlights new initatives to ensure the city becomes “zero carbon” by 2050, including plans to reform waste collection across London boroughs and increase deployment of renewable energy in the capital.

The Environment Plan is now out for public consultation until November 17.