19th January 2018

AI takes the human error out of workplace accidents

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Two companies have joined forces to help protect physical safety in the workplace by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Cisco and Cortexica Vision Systems Ltd, a world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up, have collaborated with the aim of reducing human error in physical safety while improving productivity.

AI will in future be used to help reduce human error in physical safety in workplaces including operating theatres, laboratories and building sites, pending the results of a UK government-funded trial of AI and video networking technology.

London-based Cortexica, which specialises in applying AI techniques to computer vision and video analysis, will work with technology leader Cisco in an Innovate UK funded proof of concept.

The concept is AI-SAFE (Autonomous Intelligent System for Assuring Safe working Environments).

It will use real-time video analysis and applied AI to help validate that correct equipment is worn in a physical work environment for both safety and security. Using Cisco’s real-time video analysis, the advanced algorithms and machine learning from Cortexica match an employee’s equipment, including headwear, eyewear and footwear, against a client’s inventory, known as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) detection. It will alert, advise and restrict access to the environment if non-compliant equipment is detected.

The technology will be positioned above entrances and exits to working environments and will replace the manual error-prone spot checking system.

Nick Chrissos, director of innovation, Cisco Europe said: “In any environment with increased risk, safety becomes paramount – whether physical or virtual. The application of digital technologies and applied artificial intelligence has the potential to impact the welfare and productivity of workers across many industries, whether in laboratories, construction or for critical infrastructure providers.

“We are thrilled that the UK Government is funding this exciting project through Innovate UK; with Cortexica we can solve real challenges facing businesses in the UK.”

SP Johnston, senior business development director of Cortexica, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Cisco in an exemplary showcase of open innovation being supported by the UK Government.

“AI Safe brings together an IT powerhouse with a pioneering disruptor to provide a targeted solution to solve real world problems.”