20th June 2017

Brewer’s zero waste partnership creates a very Greene King

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The pub retailer and brewer has announced the partnership to boost recycling efforts and cut waste in pubs throughout the UK.

Greene King made the decision to partner with SWR last year and since then the brewer has managed to reduce its landfill waste by 95 per cent.

Initiatives include a recycling backhaul scheme, in which pubs separate waste into individual recycling bins onsite and the separated food waste is then received by a food distribution network.

The brewer said last year it diverted 8,000 tonnes of waste from landfill sites – the equivalent of 640 double decker buses.

Working with WRAP, Green King aims to establish a best practice training programme for its regional managers and supply chain partners.

Matt Todd, group trading director said: “We’re delighted that, as a leader in the space, we’re able to set an example to the rest of the industry and show that sustainability and an excellent offering can work hand in hand.

“The results show that we’re making real progress towards our goal, and we’re looking forward to implementing further initiatives over time.

“Waste is a real issue for the hospitality industry and with the total eating-out market set to grow from an estimated £87.1 billion in 2016 to £94.1 billion in 2019, it is set to become more and more pressing.”