10th July 2014

eBay delivers on corporate responsibility

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Web commerce giant eBay has revealed that its many deliveries for customers also include a hefty amount of corporate social responsibility.

In its first Social Innovation annual update, the company, which supports more than 33,000 jobs worldwide, explains how it is meeting a series of goals set last year to create positive societal and environmental change.

This included providing funding for thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs as part of efforts to foster and inclusive economy and fuel global growth.

Under its green commitment, eBay sourced 7.5 per cent of its electricity from cleaner sources in 2013 and purchased 100 per cent renewable energy for its customer service centres in Utah, Berlin, Dreilinden and Dublin.

The company has also encouraged environmental responsibility by lowering the impact of its shipping operations, promoting the use of sustainable packaging materials and optimising modes of transportation within its shipping networks.

Furthermore, the company generated $4.9billion for charitable organisations through a variety of giving programmes and platforms in 2013 — a 32.4 percent increase on 2012.

Lauren Moore, head of global social innovation for eBay, said: “We’ve long believed in eBay Inc.’s capacity to drive both shareholder value and positive social and environmental change – it’s not just off to the side, it’s built into what we do every day.

“Our Social Innovation efforts formalise this sense of purpose that’s been here from the start and provide a framework to understand our impact. And as shareholder value is increasingly measured in more ways than just purely financial gain, we believe our Social Innovation efforts will continue to position us for sustainable growth over the short and long term.”