21st November 2018

Google to build new data center in Denmark

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Google is investing $684m to build a new European data center in Denmark, which will create nearly 1,500 jobs, the Californian tech company has announced.

The center, which will be built just outside of Fredericia in the western part of the country, will support renewable energy production and boast high-quality digital infrastructure.

Data centers are the hub of Google, storing a large group of servers which ensure data and information is secure (emails and photos for example). Anything that is saved to ‘the cloud’ is actually stored inside one of the company’s data centers.

The servers also power Google products including Search, Gmail and YouTube and the company is committed to matching its energy use with 100 percent carbon-free energy in Fredericia.

In Europe, Google data centers usually use one third less energy than typical ones and the Fredericia location will house one of the most energy efficient data centers in Denmark so far. Google is also exploring new investment opportunities called Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Danish renewable energy projects including solar energy, onshore and offshore wind.

It is expected that the data center construction will support 1,450 jobs per year in 2018-2021, according to consultancy firm Copenhagen Economics (CE).

Once it is in operation, around 150-250 people are expected to be employed at the site in a range of roles including computer technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, security and catering staff.

Google aims to support communities that surround its data facilities and will do the same in Fredericia. In the last few years, the company has invested almost $3.8 in grants to initiatives that build the local skills base—like curriculum and coding programs and undertakes teaching collaborations to provide educational support at area colleges.

With construction work expected to run through 2021, Fredericia will be Google’s fifth data center in Europe, joining its other sites in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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