5th January 2018

H&M fashions sustainable womenswear

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H&M’s sustainable womenswear and activewear collection has been made available to buy online.

The feminine collection, which has an emphasis on sustainability and nature, was launched in select stores on December 28 and hit the website on January 4.

Each design uses recycled polyester and elastane and is “fashion-forward” with contrast panelling, criss-cross backs and decorative webbing.

Petra Smeds, head designer of sportswear at H&M, said: “By bringing together the functional and feminine, the aim is to give customers a stylish, conscious sports collection. And not just through the fabrics – we utilised a new knitting technique that creates seamless garments while using less yarn or fabric waste.

“Blending function with sustainable thinking and fashion in this way is the way forward.”

The collection also characterises H&M’s continued commitment to sustainability and is just one of the several steps the firm is making towards its overall goal of becoming 100 per cent circular.

It aims to use 100 per cent recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030. In 2016, the company already managed to meet 26 per cent of this target, becoming the second largest user of recycled polyester in the world.

In the same year, the company sourced 43 per cent of all the cotton it used sustainably, aiming for the number to reach 100 per cent by 2020.

Ultimately, H&M hopes to create a closed loop for textiles in which unwanted clothes can be reused or recycled into new treasures.

Cecilia Strömblad Brännsten, circular economy lead for H&M, said: “Moving towards full circularity will be the key to our future success.

“At H&M we have set a vision to become 100 per cent circular, which means that we will have a circular approach to how products are made and used covering our whole value chain from design to expanding the lifespan of our products through different ways of prolonging use and recycling”.