27th November 2019

It takes more than technical prowess to succeed in Health and Safety

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At Acre Frameworks, we are passionate about enabling health & safety professionals to develop the non-technical skills essential to effect sustainable change in the profession. We’re pleased to share this blog, originally written and posted by Ian Stacey, Head of Health Safety & Security at Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

“This statement has never been more prevalent for me at the moment and is why I wanted to write this short article. There is often a significant amount of unease during transition/change periods within our workplaces. It requires vulnerability and courage to face the unknown, especially for Safety Professionals responsible for supporting a business to manage risk.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of working with the extremely talented Kendelle Tekstar from Acre Framework. I participated in some self-discovery around my non-technical competencies, with the aim of influencing & improving my thinking & behavior, as part of my continued professional development.

So what was involved?

Simply put, I was invited to complete an online psychometric questionnaire around my work-based behavioral preferences. These preferences were then mapped against Acre’s unique and bespoke competency framework, which is followed up with a 90 minute 1-to-1 feedback session a couple of weeks later.

So why do I believe this stands out to other psychometric questionnaires & methodologies…

Answer – Acre’s unique/bespoke framework was created in partnership with an advisory panel of a ninety-six-strong community of industry health and safety leaders. Their collective purpose is to drive positive change in our profession. Its remodeling our thinking to Health & Safety and embracing new ideas from a variety of cross sector/industry experts.

So in conclusion – The whole process was very insightful and most certainly thought provoking.I have come away with a much improved self-awareness and a discovery of self-development. I am just trying to be the best that I can by taking responsibility for self leadership. This positive process has highlighted areas which I was previously blinded too and where I now hope to address this and unlock the further potential for growth.

Thank you Acre Frameworks.”