3rd May 2019

Scope publishes its own disability and wellbeing report

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Scope has become one of the first employers to publish its own Disability and Wellbeing Report in a bid to create the best workplace it can, for its disabled staff.

The charity has campaigned for the past three years for the government to introduce measures that would encourage employers to report on disability in the workplace and last November, the government introduced the Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing Reporting Framework, which supports employers to voluntarily report on their workforce.

Scope’s new report includes a range of actions required to make necessary improvements.

The charity decided to release its own report after frequently hearing from disabled people about the difficulties they face – from negative attitudes and inaccessible recruitment processes, to inflexible workplaces.

The report highlighted:

  • 17 per cent of Scope’s staff identify as disabled
  • 74 per cent of disabled staff have shared information about their impairment or condition at work, with 89 per cent of those having shared information with their line manager
  • 86 per cent of staff are confident supporting and including disabled colleagues
  • 92 per cent of staff enjoy the work they do

The report sets out a range of actions Scope is undertaking over the next 12 months including updating its disability equality training, continuing to improve its reasonable adjustments process and publishing an annual update to the report.

A statement on the Scope website said: “We know we have more work to do. By being open about our own performance and encouraging other employers to follow, together we can make sure disabled people have equality in the workplace.

“Our report provides an overview of the experiences of our disabled staff, the wellbeing of our employees and where we aspire to be in future.

“We believe we have a good foundation to build from in the coming years, and we are committed to reaching as wide a talent pool as possible to best serve the disabled communities we work and campaign with.”

In the past 12 months Scope has made a variety of efforts to improve the workplace for its staff which include:

  • Rolling out a new reasonable adjustments policy and process, making it easier for staff to discuss and secure support they might need
  • Providing disability equality training for all our employees and extra training for managers
  • Introducing a new set of values for all our staff focussing on fairness, diversity, openness and accessibility.

In addition, Scope will shortly be publishing guidance for employers on collecting and reporting on disability in the workplace, to help close the disability employment gap.

A spokesperson for Scope added: “We know that many employers already collect some data on disability in the workplace. By taking the next step and publishing this data, employers can send a powerful message that disabled people are welcome in their workplaces, and that they are taking disability equality seriously.

“We want to become a leading employer of disabled people and create an open and inclusive culture at Scope. This report is a starting point to achieve our ambition”.