24th January 2018

Nissan Energy Solar steers towards greener households

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Nissan has launched its own home energy storage system – Nissan Energy Solar – to enable UK households to reduce their energy bills and live more sustainably.

The Nissan Energy Solar claims to be an all-in-one solution by combining residential solar panels with the energy storage system, which the car company estimates could save users up to 66 per cent on their bills.

The system will enable homeowners to get more independence from the grid, and they will be able to collect and store excess energy from their solar panels and use it at night (traditionally, solar energy has been used to power home appliances during the day). It can be used on cloudy days and electric vehicle owners can even charge their Nissan LEAF and e-NV200.

The system, which starts from £3,881, reduces energy costs and carbon footprint for homeowners significantly, by automating energy flows, purposefully utilising solar production peaks and storage capacities.

The launch forms part of the company’s ‘electric ecosystem experience’, a series of events in Tenerife which demonstrating new, sustainable technologies.

Francisco Carranza, managing director, Nissan Energy, Nissan Europe said: “Solar panels have become the world’s fastest growing source of new energy and we’re thrilled to launch Nissan Energy Solar in the UK.

“Over 880,000 UK homes already have solar panels installed and they are seeing the benefits every day, from decreasing electricity bills to increasing property values.

‘Nissan Energy Solar is just one step in supporting our commitment to investing in innovative energy solutions for a more sustainable future and intelligent way of living.’

The new product also boasts a function that will allow users to control how and when they want to use their energy in real time as well as making the entire energy system more efficient and sustainable.

The system is the latest development in the increase of home storage technologies.  In 2015, Tesla was one of the first companies to release its own home battery, the Powerwall, which is now into its second generation. Other car companies, such as BMW and Mercedes, have also developed ways for users to store and use solar energy at home.