14th September 2016

CR and Sustainability Salary Survey 2016

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The corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) sector continues to grow, as does the reach of our CR and Sustainability Salary Survey. This year we achieved a record 1,296 responses, an 8% increase on 2014, and we are proud to share the results with you via the download below.

As with our previous surveys, our aim is to shed light on the sector, the roles  within it, organisational structures, gender split, responsibilities, education and  qualifications, satisfaction and – of course – pay. And, as usual, the report’s  narrative is supplemented by commentary from significant industry figures. We thank them for their time in giving us their perspective, and we thank the ranks of CR practitioners who completed the survey.

  • Result highlights
  • 1,296 respondents this year, an 8% increase on 2014
  • In-house employees once again make up the majority of the survey’s sample
  • Average salaries have risen in all regions except the rest of the world and the rest of Europe, where they have dropped (slightly)
  • On average, consultants are paid £10k less per year than those working in-house
  • Those working in North America are the highest paid
  • 93% of respondents have a first and/or postgraduate degree
  • The average time in employment is 14.1 years
  • The gender split was 51:49 in favour of women
  • The global average salaries for men and women are £67,408 and £55,148 respectively
  • While the average male salary decreased by less than 1% since 2014, the average female salary rose by 5.6%
  • Over 55% of respondents were satisfied with their jobs and around 26% very satisfied
  • 93% of respondents would recommend a career in the sector

Download the 2016 CR Salary Survey: The CR and Sustainability Survey 2016

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