28th September 2012

CR and Sustainability Salary Survey 2012

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The CR enterprise has never been an easy one to define, but its  growth over the last 10 years has been striking, both in terms of the ambition of its aims and the number of personnel. Judging by this, the CR and Sustainability Salary Survey 2012, the sector is evolving and growing at a faster pace than ever in spite of the uncertain economic climate. As was the case with the previous survey, in 2010, the results are taken from the responses of individual professionals in consultancies and in-house departments across the world.

This year’s sample size of 847 is an increase of 42% on the 2010 survey, and has already enabled us to increase the clarity of the snapshot that we can provide. We hope this increasing trend will continue in future years so we can obtain a clearer picture of the sector beyond Europe and North America, and extend the topics that we can analyse. As usual, the report’s narrative is supplemented by commentaries from significant industry figures, and we thank them for their time in giving us their perspective. Most of all, however, we would like to thank the ranks of CR practitioners who completed the survey.

Result highlights

  • In-house employees make up three-quarters of this survey’s sample, with consultants making up the remaining quarter.
  • This year saw more respondents from NGOs and government bodies.
  • The number of CR professionals continues to rise, showing the buoyancy of the sector.
  • Women, though still in the majority, are losing their dominant position within the CSR workforce.
  •  Average salaries are continuing their rising trend.
  • Consultants are, on average, paid less than in-house staff members, both in terms of core salaries and bonuses.
  • CR professionals are generally well educated, and are increasingly holding postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications.
  • Sustainability has become an increasingly leading role in the CSR agenda.
  • CSR professionals overwhelmingly remain happy with their work and would recommend a career in the sector.

CR and Sustainability Salary Survey 2012

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