2nd August 2018

The CR and Sustainability Salary Survey 2018

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It’s 10 years since we launched the first ever CR Salary survey. The survey’s aim remains as it was then: to shed light on remuneration in the sector, roles and responsibilities, qualifications, career paths and the resources available to implement CRS strategies and policies in the private and public sectors.

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Supported by Carnstone Partners LLP and Flag Communication; while partnered alongside BSR, ICRS, Elevate, Business Green and The Crowd we have reached 1,277 respondents from around the world. Out of the information provided there are some particularly compelling insights into he current CR industry and environment.


Andy Cartland, Founder and MD of Acre said, “One of the myths that has been conclusively laid to rest by previous surveys is the perception that consultants are better paid than those working in-house.  They may not be as well remunerated, but consultants play a valuable role in the sector. Their challenge now is to ensure that they are able to reflect the gender diversity at senior levels achieved by those in-house.”  

In-house, the most senior CRS person has an average total remuneration of £124k (UK – £113k), compared to £88k (UK – £80k) for the most senior person in a consultancy. Also notable is for the first time since the survey began, the most senior CRS person in-house is more likely to be female than male – a significant change since the last survey. However, their counterpart within a consultancy is twice as likely to be male than female.  

Head over to our landing page to download the full 47 page report for extended Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability findings below, which incorporates commentary from key industry leaders such as, John Elkington, Chairman and Chief Pollinator at Volans; Dax Lovegrove, Global VP Sustainability at Swarovski; Anna Maria Rugarli, Senior Director, Sustainability & Responsibility at EMEA VF Corporation; Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Land Sec; Peter Hughes, Director of Sustainability at Pearson; Francois Tasmowski, Senior Director, Global Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility at McCain Foods France; James Wallace, Group Lead ESG Insurance Integration, Sustainable Solutions and Ratings at Allianz SE; Frances Fay, Group Director of Corporate Responsibility at FirstGroup Plc; Laura Gitman, Senior Vice President at BSR New York; Matt Sparkes, Head of CR at Linklaters LLP; Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director at Ball Packaging Beverage Europe and Richard Mattison, Chief Executive at Trucost.

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