1st February 2012

The Evolution of the Energy Manager

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From Boiler Room to Board Room

The role of the Energy Manager is undergoing profound change. Over the past 20 years we have witnessed the emergence of a new breed; someone who is comfortable in the board room as well as the boiler room. And he – or increasingly she – is starting to have a material impact on margins and revenues.

This report draws on the views and experience of four leading figures in corporate energy management (see the table and biographies on page 13). Together, they demonstrate that the introduction of energy expertise will typically result in new business models, attractive investment programmes and in some cases new revenue streams. It is an exciting time to be in energy management.

We expect energy management to rise further up the corporate agenda in 2012. With the UK economy looking stagnant at best, management teams are increasingly turning to efficiency as a way to increase profit. And with oil prices showing little sign of abating from recent high levels, the investment returns should remain attractive.

Recent analysis of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) league table suggests that 40% of the reporting companies are yet to take any steps to improve their energy efficiency. This indicates the high level of opportunity that is yet to be taken by the broad corporate community, as well as the risks that are not being addressed.

We hope this report gives confidence to those who are hiring energy teams as they build more successful and sustainable businesses.

Thank you to our expert contributors for their input.

The Evolution of the Energy Manager

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