15th January 2018

The case for The Social Board (and how to build one)

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An ‘ideas menu’ for connecting the board of directors with society

Acre are very pleased to announce the release of our latest whitepaper,  The case for The Social Board (and how to build one).

For many company boards, tackling the unmet needs of society is an aspiration that can be delegated to Corporate Social Responsibility teams. They see government as primarily responsible for addressing challenges such as climate change and mental illness, leaving boards to focus on shareholder value. The main argument in this paper is that the relationship between business and society has reached a point where the voice of society needs to be introduced explicitly as a stakeholder in the boardroom. In addition, token CSR programmes should be scrapped for creating a false sense of security.

The Social Board

This paper sets out practical ways for boards to connect with society; moving beyond CSR to social purpose being integrated into strategy and the way we do business; how leadership can benefit from diversity to bring wider perspectives to bear; how what we choose to shine a light on can create a shift.

This paper invites us all to be part of that journey.

Download your copy of The case for The Social Board (and how to build one) here.

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